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Contests and build challenges are often a great way to get creative juices flowing. Check out our coverage of new contests here, and congratulate the winners of contests that have finished.

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for December 31, 2016 [News]

The Brothers Brick publishes so many interesting stories, that we’re giving you the best of LEGO news and reviews, as well as links to other interesting content. This is our Weekly Brick Report for the final seven days of 2016. (Woo-hoo! We made it!)

LEGO Ideas 21308 Adventure Time [Review]

REVIEWS: TBB had its hands full with new sets from Adventure Time, the LEGO Batman Movie, and Star Wars: Rogue One.

Indiana Jones (Advent Calendar)

TBB NEWS: We posted some cool instructions, our tribute to Carrie Fisher, and our create-a-calendar winners this week. Also, the LEGO Death Star set is still up for grabs!

OTHER NEWS: There was a massive amount of LEGO news from other places around the web this week. Here are a few items we noticed and thought you might enjoy.

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Announcing winners of the TBB Create-a-calendar contest [News]

Merry Christmas, dear readers! Here at the Brothers Brick compound, all the little doors on our three LEGO Advent calendars have now been opened, their bricky contents sit resplendent upon the mantelpiece, while the empty boxes burn in the fireplace, creating a warm glow upon our faces …or maybe that’s just the eggnog.

Before the Lemur began distributing our Secret Santa gifts (they’re all socks, they’re always socks) he reminded us to vote on the 46 entries in our Create-a-calendar building contest. As always, we were blown away by your ingenuity and skill. But there can only be three winners, and here they are…

Indiana Jones by Charis Stella

Futurama by Sam Beattie

Classic Space by Andreas Lenander

Thank you again to everyone who took part. And to the winners, congratulations! We’ll be sending you your holiday-themed prize sets soon. We’re just sorry they can’t be sitting there under your tree already. And happy holidays to you all. (…bah, humbug!)

That’s no moon! Win the LEGO Star Wars Death Star to celebrate TBB’s 100,000th follower & the release of Rogue One [Giveaway]

The Brothers Brick’s Facebook page recently passed 100,000 followers, making it the most popular LEGO fan page on Facebook. While our sympathies here at TBB lie with the Rebellion, we acknowledge that this milestone just might make us the Death Star of LEGO blogs. It’s all very confusing for us, so here’s a Death Star that’s also a BB-8 in TBB colors giving a thumbs up. If big numbers and deeply silly mashups don’t make you as giddy as they seem to make us, perhaps a chance at winning the new 75159 Death Star will instead! Enter to win by January 20th, 2017.

TBB Death Star + BB-8 cropped

You can enter to win from this link, or by clicking the Contests section on our Facebook page. The winner will also receive a snazzy green (of course) TBB logo T-shirt, stickers, and other swag.

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Create-a-calendar contest ends Saturday night! [News]

Ho, ho, ho! This is a friendly reminder that the Brothers Brick Create-a-calendar building contest ends at midnight this Saturday, December 17th. After that, judging will begin so that we can announce winners on Christmas Day. We’ve already seen some great entries in the contest Flickr group, so now you know what you’re up against! There are some cool prizes to be won, so dream up a theme and get building those tiny Advent calendar models today.

...we salute you!

The other side to this year’s MOC Olympics finale madness was built by none other than Slovenian builder Deus Otiosus. Check out this amazingly detailed and rather mossy arena. The crumbling brickwork and throne are quite impressive, but my favorite details are the wonderfully expressive brick-built characters and the and fire-breathing dragon. Just look at that cone of flame erupting from the lizard beast’s mouth!

MOC Olympics Finals: Full view

I think that the character sitting on the throne looks more jester than king, but that only adds to the madness of this LEGO creation. Deus Otiosus’s opponent in this LEGO duel to the death is W. Navarre, with his stupendous arena battle between a gladiator and a tiger. I certainly don’t envy the judges this year. To find out who was victorious, head over to MOCpages.

MOC Olympics Finals: Gladiator MOC Olympics Finals: Big D. MOC Olympics finals: Charred skeleton

Those who are about to die...

The final round of battle of the 2016 MOC Olympics is here and the top two contestants have been thrown to the lions and forced to build spectacular scenes of gladiatorial combat. For his final entry, W. Navarre built a gladiator facing off against a fearsome man-eating tiger.

Into the Arena

The most impressive thing about this build is not the beautifully sculpted figures (though those are amazing!), but the fact that the entire scene is completely filled with LEGO. There’s so much texture and even a bit of gore, it feels like I’m sitting in the front row of the great Colosseum. Mr Navarre’s opponent in this LEGO duel to the death is Deus Otiosus with his fantastical arena battle between a knight and a dragon.

Amazon announces Golden Brick LEGO contest, discounts The SHIELD Helicarrier by $50 [News]

Amazon.com is running a contest through Dec. 10 which challenges fans to find a Golden LEGO Brick on the site’s LEGO product pages. When you find one, you can click it to be entered in the prize drawing, and you can read the full rules below. (You must be a US resident to enter the contest.)

Golden Brick Contest

And if you’re looking for an extra reason to go browse Amazon today, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier has been discounted by $50, bringing the massive 2,996-piece set to $299.99. This is the best discount on this set we’ve seen yet, and if you’re still hesitating, check out our review of the SHIELD Helicarrier, but don’t wait too long — the sale ends today. And don’t forget that lots of other LEGO sets are currently on sale, including steep discounts on many of The Force Awakens sets.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier, $299.99

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What does LEGO hell look like?

What sane person would ask themselves this question? Deus Otiosus and Letranger Absurde would, that’s who! To be fair, both of these builders were forced to come to terms with the LEGO underworld thanks to the 2016 MOC Olympics contest. Deus and Letranger recently faced off in the semi-finals. Their task? To go to H. E. double hockey sticks, literally.


Deus’s scene depicts Satan’s throne room, complete with a throne of bones and plenty of gore. The lava even lights up! My favorite detail is the bone pentagram on the back of the Devil’s throne. You’ll want to check out all the other angles on this gruesome build as a single image doesn’t do it justice.


Letranger’s hellish creation is equally impressive, though perhaps a little too cute (it’s hard to truly fear anything with Mixel eyes). Sitting on his throne in all his glory is Baphomet, the diabolical Sabbatic goat supposedly worshiped by early Knights Templar. If you’re feeling brave, take a look at what sits beneath his throne.

The Brothers Brick “Create-a-calendar” Contest [News]

The holiday season is underway, and for many LEGO fans that means it’s time to crack open the first door on their official LEGO Advent calendars. This year LEGO once again offers the choice of three calendar themes: Town, Friends, and Star Wars. The Brothers Brick will even be joining in the fun, as each day we reveal the daily mini-models from all three sets.

If you could wish for any LEGO Advent calendar theme, what would it be? Ninjago? Space? Wild West? Well, we’d like to know. But we don’t want to you just tell us, we want you to show us in The Brothers Brick “Create-a-calendar” Contest. Simply choose your dream theme for an Advent calendar, and build some example mini-models to illustrate it. The contest runs from now through December 17th, and we’ll announce the winners on Christmas Day.

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NERDvember 2016: The happiest contest on Earth

It’s November, and that means that our pal Tommy Williamson over at BrickNerd is hosting his annual NERDvember building contest. This year the theme of the contest is Disney, so contestants are encouraged to come up with Disney-inspired versions of the iconic Nerdly character.

We’re already seeing a lot of great entries and some of our favorites are featured below. Get building now, as the contest ends on the 30th and there are some sweet Disney-themed LEGO prizes to be won! And now a word from the Nerd in Chief himself:

Click here to see our favorite NERDvember entries

Sorcery is bad to the bone

This evil little floating rock was summoned into existence by Henry F, and it has a sinister feel that I love. The gray rocks have a cloud-like look that really makes them feel like they are floating, and the pillars give it a very elegant look. The genuflecting skeletons give it just the right amount of comic relief!

CCCXIV - The Three Pillars

This was built for Colossal Castle Contest XIV.

REBRICK contest winner: build your dream Porsche [NEWS]

The LEGO REBRICK website has just announced the grand prize winner and runners-up in their Build the Porsche of your Dreams competition that ended on 07 Sept. The Grand Prize winner was Tamás Juhász with his Porsche 962 C.

Tamás’ model was very detailed, including the engine, exhausts, turbos, racing seat, seat belt, radiators, detailed cockpit, mirrors all made using LEGO.

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