Toy Story 3 trailer confirms LEGO in movie, plus more LEGO Pixar goodness

In our interview with Angus MacLane back in 2008, we asked him why none of the toys in the previous two installments of the Toy Story series were LEGO. Read the interview to find out, but that gap has been corrected in Toy Story 3. They’re a bit hard to spot in this screen cap Continue reading →

LEGO Pixar, Kingdoms, World Racers – 2010 sets at Canadian Toy Fair [News]

Once again stealing the New York Toy Fair’s thunder, the first publicly available photos (read: not stolen or leaked) of late 2010 LEGO sets come from the Canadian Toy & Hobby Fair, via CTV tech reporter Kris Abel. Of particular note for LEGO Castle fans is the new Kingdoms theme. Check out Kris’ main post Continue reading →

LEGO Carl Fredricksen, from Pixar’s “Up”

Angus MacLane has created an incredibly accurate LEGO version of one of the main characters from Pixar’s latest feature film, “Up“. From the bulbous nose and jutting jaw, to his green-footed cane and bowtie, this is perfect! Of course, what else do we expect from Angus? For more about Angus and Pixar check out our Continue reading →

Bjarne Tveskov builds a mini LEGO iMac G4 for Apple + LEGO + Pixar goodness

Classic Space LEGO designer Bjarne Tveskov ( has posted a wonderful little iMac G4 “Junior”: Naturally, the pairing is reminiscent of Pixar’s “Luxo, Jr.” The screen is a real photo/video display, which allows Bjarne to mirror what’s on his real Mac — pretty darn cool! Getting the weight in the base and construction of the Continue reading →

LEGO Star Wars 10195 Republic Dropship, Home One, LEGO + Pixar, and more revealed at Toy Fair 2009 [News]

The Brothers Brick got an invite to the LEGO Preview at Toy Fair 2009, but we just couldn’t make it. :-( The good news is that our pals from FBTB and BrickJournal are covering this important event. Although we’ve seen quite a few of the late 2009 LEGO sets from the earlier Canadian toy fair, Continue reading →

Pixar animator Angus MacLane builds best LEGO Wall-E yet [Interview]

I had the pleasure of meeting Pixar animator and LEGO fan Angus MacLane at BrickFest 2007. When I saw the first trailer for Wall•E (in theaters Friday, June 27), I knew we should try to do something special. Our exclusive interview with Angus and first look at his LEGO Wall•E follows. The Brothers Brick: How Continue reading →

Exclusive review of LEGO Ideas Wall•E set designed by Angus MacLane [Review]

Last July, the LEGO Wall-E designed by Pixar director/animator Angus MacLane achieved 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, and its approval as an upcoming official set was announced in February. LEGO officially unveiled the set just yesterday, but thanks to the good people of Billund, we already have a copy of the set for a hands Continue reading →

LEGO official Wall•E set finally revealed [News]

LEGO has raised the curtain on its latest set, 21303 Wall•E. This is our first official glimpse of the finished product since an official Wall•E set was announced over a year ago, and we’re excited to bring our readers a full hands-on review of this set tomorrow! LEGO Ideas member MacLane is an animator and Continue reading →

Official LEGO Doctor Who, Wall-E sets coming! [News]

LEGO Doctor Who and Wall-E sets have just been announced! LEGO Ideas has just released the results of the 2nd half 2014 review. LEGO Ideas is a crowd-sourcing platform for fan-designed sets. If a set gains 10,000 votes, LEGO will examine the ideas to potentially create a set. LEGO has just announced that both Doctor Continue reading →

Angus MacLane’s Wall-E achieves 10K supporters on LEGO Ideas [News]

Earlier today, Angus MacLane‘s LEGO Wall-E model achieved 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. I’ve commented before about how way too many projects on LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas aren’t based on ideas associated in any way with the person who initiated the project. This one’s different. As long-time readers will recall from our interview with Angus MacLane back Continue reading →