Charming LEGO gingerbread house from Pixar’s Up

As the holidays draw closer, and the decorations, twinkly lights, and baked goodies fill our homes with joy, LEGO creators around the world are busy building snow-covered or otherwise holiday-themed models. Frequently featured builder Jonas Kramm has created a mashup of his microscale house from Up in the form of a gingerbread house. Even though it is based on the colorful balloon-borne building, it would fit right in with a collection of other gingerbread houses, with its frosting-covered roof, colorful candies, and candy cane striped pillars.

Gingerbread Up House

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  1. Jonas

    Thanks for sharing. I built the gingerbread version to promote my Up House on LEGO Ideas. So if you like the model, come by at
    I’m sure you will love it!

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