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My highlights of recent town and train

I’ve recently been on a hiatus from TBB due to an excess of real life commitments (work, life and LEGO) and a need to have a bit of a break from blogging. But of course this didn’t stop people (particularly Polish people it seems) posting great models, nor me from filing them away for future use. Which brings me to this four model roundup, presented in the order I added them to my list.


First Maciej Drwięga has a fabulous rendition of the Polish PKP ST43 locomotive.


Second Bartosz Kacprzyk (the oneman) shows off an Alouette.

Kama3 5410

Third Karwik shows off a Kama3 5410 as driven by his late uncle.

Train Station 01

And finally Chris Edwards (cjedwards) brings is an excellent train station.

Well detailed, lovely work by all four builders.

Forbidden Cove’s Seed Part Challenge: Week Two

Forbidden Cove is running a multi-week Seed Part contest, where the entrants have one week to build a creation using that week’s Seed Part–and it can’t be whatever the part actually is. Week one was a classic flared helm; this week is a minifig’s chair piece.

Here are some of my favorite entries from week two, in no particular order:

Rapture of the Deep by Guy Himber

Once Cap’n Jack, Always Cap’n Jack by Bluesecrets

Enemy in Sight by Marco den Besten

LEGO sorting machine built from LEGO

The BrickIt team in Denmark has built a robotic system to sort LEGO bricks. The “Dynaway Sorting Plant” uses 28 Mindstorms NXT motors, 7 processors, 4 color sensors, and 14 touch sensors, and took over 250 hours of programming time plus 800 hours to build. The result is an amazing system that separates 2×4 and 1×2 bricks by both shape and color and then moves the pallets full of sorted bricks.

Read more about the sorting machine on

Cole Blaq’s Qmega heavy assault space copta may be ... a trap!

Back in 2004, a certain fast food maker partnered with LEGO for the toys in their children’s meals. The result was some pretty awful LEGO pieces. However, Cole Blaq incorporates the Happy Meal skateboard into this orange beauty of a gunship, complete with a squiddy pilot.


Cole also posted this variation — more squat, and still somehow more brutish, despite the lack of a massive chin gun.