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Lolino shows off his sea legs

Sorry, I had to say it. But, honestly, Lolino’s oceanside scene is a knockout. I love the use of legs as water and surf. But they aren’t the only items of interest in this creation. The buildings are also lovely and the use of pistols are brackets is surprising, but it is the birds that really bring this build to life for me. Well played, Lolino!

LEGO Technic Starcraft 2 Banshee

This banshee, by Antti Havala, is incredibly gorgeous and that isn’t something you can say about a lot of Technic builds. Sporting four rotors, two motors, adjustable rotor pitch and two LED headlights, this Banshee screams for attention.

Lego Technic Starcraft 2 Civilian Banshee

You have to watch the video too. It’s pretty sweet.


Many thanks to Glory_Forever for the heads up!

Brickfête registration closes in two weeks

The Brickfête Team would like to remind all of The Brothers Brick readers that there are only TWO WEEKS LEFT to register.

Join us for some “old school” fun in Ontario, Canada for our inaugural LEGO Fan Convention for the adult hobbyist. Tons of cool LEGO moments, interesting challenges, enlightening experiences and prizes that have make perfect rattling sound await you.

July 28th to July 31st
The Assembly Hall
Toronto, Canada

To register for the four days check out the “AFOL” pages at

The general public is invited to view the awesome LEGO Creations on display. We can’t wait for you to see what we have built!

July 30th, 2011
10am until 5pm
The Assembly Hall
Tickets sold at the door

All the details and more can be read on

Looking forward to having you join us,
The Brickfête Team
“A festival run by fans, made by the fans, for the fans.”


Tyler and I are proud to present our second collaborative display called Oasis, built for Brickworld 2011. This 5′ X 7′ project was completed from April to June and contains approximately 25,000 pieces. It was inspired by the idea of a spinning wheel towering above a pool of moving water. The story goes that long after the humans have abandoned their planet and consumed its resources, the robots left behind have created a new paradise from the desert. You can learn more about the backstory by following our teasers.

Like our previous collaboration, Containment, Oasis also features lights, motion, and music. Enjoy the video.

BrickCon 2011 open for registration [News]

Anybody Excited?

Photo by Adam Hally

Registration is now open for BrickCon 2011! In many ways, BrickCon is the “home convention” for several of our contributors, and this is just one reason why, for a third year, we at The Brothers Brick are proud to be sponsors of BrickCon.

This year the convention theme is Building a Community and there are plenty of collaborative builds to which you can add your efforts. There are all the normal themes, such as Space, Castle, and Train, along with many new ideas and plans.

Some of the collaborations include:
Great Ball Contraptions
Bling your AT-AT
The Dark Side
War Beasts
World Architecture.

Also The Brothers Brick will be hosting our own theme and collaborative build entitled Numereji!

Keep checking the BrickCon “Themes and Collaborative Builds” page as the information will be updated when new information is available.

See you at the Con!

Speak Friend and Enter

This gorgeous mosaic of Tolkien’s Doors of Durin is simply incredible. Karyn did a wonderful job of capturing the look and feel of the doors. On top of that, the whole thing is done with Modulex. As far as I can tell, this is only the second time we have highlighted a Modulex build here on The Brothers Brick (See the first one here).


The builder has also created a blog, called MiniBricks Madness, to highlight these lesser known siblings of the bricks we all know and love. For a history of Modulex, check out this article, “Saving Modulex” by Sly Owl.

Many thanks to Bruce for bringing this to our attention.

This could become a new event at Lego conventions around the globe.

I give you FeiJi Cup Dog Racing. Designed and built by a father/son team, Tomi & his Dad, this brings back memories of playing that old electric vibrating football game. I have to say that this racing creation is simply ingenious. I may have to go build one and play it with my kids.


The video is fun. Watch it now.

Many thanks to rongYiren for bringing this to my attention.