Green Monster

Sorry if I suckered any baseball fans among our readers, this post is about a big green tank by Jason Heltebridle (Moctagon Jones). The smooth curves of this creation, coupled with the unusual gun certainly push this well into the sci-fi realm. Some of the details on the turret are also quite nice, in particular, the work between the wheels.

What’s more, it has taken me long enough to write this post, that it seems Jason has posted ANOTHER interesting tank.

Dutspätz II - Mobile Field Forward Destroyer - left

3 comments on “Green Monster

  1. Creative Anarchy

    I was looking at this yesterday. I’m a big fan of the color and the profile of the thing but as a model I struggle to find love for it. when I think of a Tank I picture a static driver and a gunner in the turret. Not all tanks have to look the same, especially in science fiction but it’s just difficult to make sense of how this works.

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