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I love it when someone else does some clever work so you don’t have to. Mike Yoder (builder42) has been experimenting with ‘stage set’ dioramas. Each of them involves arranging a set of basic structures into formation for a single shot. Personally I think this is a great idea and one I hope to see more of.

5 comments on “Brick Sets

  1. AlexEylar

    Yes, that’s… truly… never been… done before… byanyonenamedAlexsincehestartedbuildingwithLego. Yes.

    Those white buildings are fantastic, I must say.

  2. Catsy

    Yeah, I had a slight giggle there too at that bit–I’ve been experimenting with set pieces for close to two years now. But Mike’s work is fantastic on its own merits, and I’m certainly not sad to see a builder of his caliber putting his own spin on the concept.

  3. Creative Anarchy

    I was hopping this would get blogged. I really love the style of his buildings. They have a very ambiguously modern and foriegn feel to them. I think these scenes really need more wrecked car. Any time you see footage of an armed convoy rolling through a city street somewhere in the world there are always wrecked cars on the roadside.

  4. gambort Post author

    SOrry guys, I did know others had worked on sets before but what I really liked was the modular nature of them which I haven’t seen before.

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