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Massive clearance sale from LEGO Shop@Home on 2009 LEGO sets [News]

The LEGO Shop online has updated its Sales & Deals page with nearly a hundred deeply discounted items, including most of the first wave of Power Miners sets, Racers, and Bionicle.

LEGO Shop at Home

We’ll update this post with more specifics soon, but wanted to let you all know as quickly as possible. (This probably means the official launch of the 2010 sets can’t be too far away.)

My mind wanders to strange places

My recent surrealist sculpture falls in line with its two counterparts to complete my Metamorphosis of the Mind project, which depicts the transition of the mind from ignorance to suffering and arriving at insanity. The creation below portrays ignorance, with accompanying writing on MOCpages. For those interested in my thought process, the series is based off personal experiences but should not be interpreted literally. After all, I consider myself quite sane, just ask my imaginary friends! JK :)

This picture below shows the three sculptures of the project along with yours truly: Echo of Silence, Cry of Dreams, and Legacy of Vision.

Simply an Illusion

Flickr user and Classic-Castle member 2 Much Caffeine has posted another entry for the CCCVIICastle of Illusion.

The set includes a photo detailing how he achieved the optical illusion without using a photo editing program. I am impressed with the amount of thought that went in not only to building this, but photographing and presenting it!

Daedalus landing

I’m still trying to recover from shock knowing that a 15-year-old built this. I thought Sven Junga‘s earlier Juggernaut had set the bar for what TFOLs are capable of, but this diorama from Stargate Atlantis clearly blows me away.

The Daedalus ship itself is already an impressive stand-alone piece. The texture of the hull nicely resembles the thick metal armor on many sci-fi spaceships.