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Fan-designed Space sets due from LEGO Factory in April 2008 [News]

You heard me right, Spacers! (Space!)

Here’s the description on

Get ready for Space when fan-designed LEGO Factory Space Exclusives launch.
Help the Star Justice or Space Skulls crews gear up for battle!

Star Justice and Space Skulls, huh? Intriguing, no? :-D

Savoia S-21 seaplane from Porco Rosso, by Uspez Morbo

Hayao Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso never saw theatrical release here in the United States, and since it was released after I left Japan, I had to wait 13 years to see it (when it was released on DVD in 2005). The movie was worth the wait, and I just love Uspez Morbo‘s interpretation of protagonist Porco Rosso’s seaplane.

See lots more pictures on MOCPages, including the highly detailed cockpit (complete with foot pedals!). Great stuff.

(Via YSAB.)

Rocko battles it out on a bridge

The thing I like so much about Rocko’s LEGO creations is all the whimsical touches. His latest castle creation pits the new Crown Knights against the skeleton horde, with air support from a very hungry dragon.

In addition to the whimsy, we have several interesting building techniques; check out those boats and barrels that aren’t just sitting on the surface of the water.

Click the photo above to check out lots of picture on Brickshelf.

Sjaak Alvarez makes funny LEGO Star Wars animations

Animator Sjaak Alvarez uses Autodesk 3ds max 9 and Adobe After Effects CS3 to create really cool (and funny!) videos set in the LEGO Star Wars universe.

Here’s his latest, “It’s hard to be a Stormtrooper II”:

In addition to videos, Sjaak has great tutorials for those of you who might want to try your own hand at LEGO CG animation. Check out Bricks3D both for the tutorials and more videos.

New LEGO Universe details on Wired Game | Life [News]

New information on the upcoming LEGO MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, LEGO Universe, has truly been scarce. Some of the only information has been in early concept art doled out to newsletter subscribers:

But Blog | Life from has a handful of new details on the game.

Based on the way the game is being marketed, I’m personally not entirely convinced the game will have the broad, multigenerational appeal that one might hope for (read: they don’t seem to be marketing to adults).

Still, I’m intrigued by the organic feeling of the backgrounds in the concept art released so far.

Head on over to Blog | Life to read the feature and see bigger versions of the new concept art (above).

(Via BB Gadgets.)