Hannibal finds a way, with a little help from Mister oo7

Nathan puts some armor on a DUPLO elephant, and sticks him in the snow with a minifig Hannibal for a very cool ( ;-) ) scene.

3 comments on “Hannibal finds a way, with a little help from Mister oo7

  1. Nathan

    Wow, thanks very much for the spotlight, Andrew! I was quite surprised stumbling upon this today without initial warning. Perhaps I should read this blog more often….Oh, and I like the title too, it is indeed faithful to the original Latin. :)
    I would like to thank you as well, David, for the nice reply. You see, I have used the Duplo variant over the official Lego system mold for two reasons despite it’s obvious adorable looks; the first of which being this one resembles the African Bush Elephant more closely than the Lego system one which seems to resemble the Asian Elephant. Secondly, and primarily, I do not own the system elephant so I made do with what I had. ;)

  2. David

    I have two regular System elephants, but the Duplo one looks much better, the cute factor adds something different to it.

    And the System elephants are like $20 a piece on bricklink. They are nice, but they aren’t that nice. More so because I got a $50 set with an elephant for $20.

    Very nice.

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