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Yihaggothan Flight Commando

The elite Yihaggothan Flight Commando leads the Yihaggothan Imperium into battle against the “frail” human horde. Human Marines, fighting a desparate battle against the alien invaders, have nicknamed this commando the “Tse Tse Trooper,” due to the buzzing sound emmitted by his hover-pack.

Witness the “Tse Tse Trooper” buzzing around in the upper-left corner of this photo:

Tsubo Niwa (Courtyard Garden) by mumu

Space is at a premium in Japan, but many city residents still find ways to bring greenery into their lives through their courtyard gardens (or tsubo niwa).

Mumu‘s tsubo niwa vignette includes many elements common in Japanese gardening: a shoji screen on the porch, a stone lantern, a kokeshi doll, various rocks and stones, and a shishi odoshi (“deer chaser”).

Black and White Classics, LEGO’d by Mike Stimpson

Mike Stimpson has recreated a pair of classic black and white photographs in LEGO. The one above is based on “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” (compare with original) by Charles Ebbets (ca. 1932).

This next photo is based on “Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare” (compare with original) by Henri Cartier-Bresson (also from 1932):

Frogspace roundup for October 27, 2007

I think Frogspace is officially a trend. It even has its own Flickr group now. I’m guessing that somebody’s going to start a new blog dedicated just to Frogspace. Anyway, let’s catch up on the latest in this truly strange theme…

Arpy‘s flyers, uniski, and walker:

Don Solo‘s pillbuggy and Blacktron II frogfighter:

UPDATE: RebelRock‘s spacesuit and rover:

Have The Brothers Brick sold out?!

No, but hosting a site that gets nearly 2 million hits a month isn’t free, so we’ve added a way for our loyal readers to help us out. ;-) The next time you buy LEGO from the LEGO Store online, please consider clicking through from first. If you do that, we get a (very small) percentage of the sale, which will help to cover costs like Web hosting.

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