Izzo roundup for October 25, 2007

Another prolific, talented builder who deserves his own “roundup” post is Izzo. In addition to his series inspired by Cafe Corner (moving sidewalks, treads, and flyers), he’s been busy building great mecha:

And before that, a little bit of an “Ew!” factor with a flea and a weird blood-sucking machine:

5 comments on “Izzo roundup for October 25, 2007

  1. smcginnis

    All are awesome…. Except maybe that flea. ;) Here’s part of the comment that I made on Nos. 28 (the second in this post) and 29(unfeatured here) on YSA:

    I think I’ll coin “Izzo” and “Moko” as synonyms for “beautiful, fantastic design” and “ingenious, awesome design,” respectively. Oh, and “Nannan” for “disturbingly awesome.”

    My all-time favorite Mech from Izzo is this one. Sadly, it’s only viewable there on MechaHub (and maybe his blog) since he reorganized his Brickshelf folder.


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