Have The Brothers Brick sold out?!

No, but hosting a site that gets nearly 2 million hits a month isn’t free, so we’ve added a way for our loyal readers to help us out. ;-) The next time you buy LEGO from the LEGO Store online, please consider clicking through from Brothers-Brick.com first. If you do that, we get a (very small) percentage of the sale, which will help to cover costs like Web hosting.

So, if you appreciate what we do and want to show your support by helping us out, please consider buying some LEGO!


Q: The links don’t actually go to LEGO.com. What’s with this LinkSynergy.com business? Is this safe?

A: Yes, this is safe. The LEGO Store Affiliate Program uses a service from LinkShare.com to give participants like us credit for our referrals. Once the service registers your click, you’ll be immediately redirected to LEGO.com.

Q: Does Brothers-Brick.com share my personal information with LEGO or LinkShare?

A: No, in accordance with the Brothers-Brick.com Privacy Policy, we will never share your name, e-mail address, or other personal information with third parties.

13 comments on “Have The Brothers Brick sold out?!

  1. Indy

    I don’t fully understand.
    Do you get money if we click the LINK, or click the link and then BUY something?

    If it’s the first, I’d be happy to spend a few minutes clicking that link over and over again ;)

  2. Monosec

    I love this site and be more than happy to buy LEGO through here!
    I was going to buy many train sets which are on sale anyway. but where do i use the code?

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  4. Dave

    Not sure who you’re using for web hosting, but if you’re advertising to help cover hosting costs then you’re probably paying too much.

    GoDaddy hosting (which I use) offers 300GB per month bandwidth for $4 a month. With avg page size of 50k and hotlinked (free) image hosting from Brickshelf / Flickr, you get 6 million page views a month. If you grow to > 6M page views, for $2 more you can upgrade to 1,500GB (30M page views / month).

    When I started my website I was amazed how inexpensive hosting was even for a ton of bandwidth and storage.

  5. Claus Schioldann von Eyben

    The Agents link do not work!

    I will happiely shop ‘through’ your site…


  6. Andrew Post author

    @Dave: Good point, but I tend to be a bit suspicious of any service that’s so dramatically cheaper than the going rate. ;-) We use GoDaddy for our registration, of course, but I hadn’t heard great things about their hosting when I was choosing a provider.

    @Claus: Thanks for your support! Unfortunately, the LEGO Shiop links only work for the US and UK. :-(

  7. h0ly

    @andrew -> Godaddy is a terrible choice overall, when registering your domain, you should use google. They are a lot better and they give you loads of great free goodies

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