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Contest: Junker bandits build off!

And while we’re on the subject of contests, Mike Yoder (fantastic builder, by the way) has recently announced that he is hosting a contest: to build your very own junker ship! The full thing can be read in a post on flickr, but here is the gist to get you hooked:

Nomadic thieves steal parts from unattended spacecraft in far-off spaceports to piece together their fighters. They scavange battle fields in deep space for debris to integrate into their fleet. Their ships are lumpy, mismatched, rusty, and lethal! Don’t be fooled by the chewing gum and paperclips that appear to hold them together! They prove to be more than a worthy adversary in battle, having pirated the best technologies of all the races and factions that explore space. If you see them in the skies above you, know that you are in the wrong part of town!

So get your mind set on junker bandits, and build people! The contest deadline is January the 2nd 2007, so you have plenty of time to make sure YOUR entry is the awesomest of all! :-)

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Concept car contest results and contestants of awesomeness

Just because I’m away people don’t stop building awesome space stuff! There has been a contest running over at classic-space (held by the by now familiar Lukas) that has just ended. It produced some spectacular models – check out Bram Lambrecht’s winning entry for instance:

First runner up, my fellow countryman Joel Larsson’s car, is also very interesting:

Make sure you see all the entrants and read the full story in the contest thread on classic-space!

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And now for Mechanimals of the sea!

Today’s batch of “mechanimals” from Izzo (previous post) includes two marine animals.

Proving that Izzo can pun in at least two languages, behold the “whalicopter” (Izzo’s blog post):

As if a flying whale weren’t enough, how about a bird that doesn’t? Here’s Izzo’s multipurpose aquatic transportation device, the “Penguindive” (link):

The vignette above shows the Penguindive in underwater mode. Here it is at rest and on the surface:

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LEGO wants to know: What car should they release as a set?

The LEGO Company wants to know from the adult LEGO collector community what car they should make as a set. Once again via the furiously typing fingers of LEGO Ambassador Nelson Yrizarry, the Brothers Brick has received the following message from LEGO:

The LEGO Design team is considering making a kind of collector’s car, and would like to hear from the AFOL community which car would like to be seen as an official LEGO set. The only restrictions are:- The car should be for display, which means with only few functions.
– The car should get a body build with System bricks.
– The car should be very iconic/well know in Europe and US.
– The car should be from the past 30 years.

Please suggest the Make and Model of the car you would like to see as a new LEGO set!

Nelson will collate responses you leave here on TBB and pass them along to LEGO. How cool is that? Thanks Nelson!

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Takeshi Itou does it again!

Takeshi Itou has recently posted pictures of his latest masterpiece, “Fog Valley Castle.

Once again, this incredible builder has created some out of the ordinary. Perched on one of his trademark cliffs, the castle seems to floating on the three waterfalls pouring from its base.

Check it all out here!

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Stoneguard Hold by John Langrish

John Langrish has finally posted pics of his award-winning castle, “Stoneguard Hold”! Personally, I’ve been waiting for this since NWBrickCon. This castle is truly amazing!

This castle is packed full of incredible details! From the rounded walls and towers to the plethora of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) construction, from the impressive landscaping to the aggressive sea creatures, this creation has it all! Every picture shows yet another aspect of the castle that will blow your mind! But stop listening to me. Go look at the gallery…

Here’s the whole Kit and Kaboodle

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Look! Up in the sky! It’s space! It’s castle! It’s steampunk!

Wow, I’m still here. I’m sorry I haven’t contributed for the last month or so. I blame my new part-time job, college classes, and, roughly in that order. Anyway, to jumpstart my comeback, I’m going to invade Linus’ domain (please forgive me!) and feature this extremely cool airship by Felix Greco:

I especially like the use of the Jabba’s Sailbarge sails and the bubble canopies as magical air balloons. I only wish there were more pictures.

Izzo’s Mechanimals

I always love it when Izzo starts a new series! Whether it’s vignettes based on Japanese proverbs or industrial mecha, I know we all have something great to look forward to.

Izzo’s latest is a series of creature-inspired mecha he cleverly calls “mechanimals.”

The first is a rat-car with a detachable rat-bot (blog post):

That certainly looks fun to drive around the neighborhood, but Izzo’s second mechanimal is much more useful. The “Pelicargo” (wonderful name, Izzo!) is capable of transporting your cargo wherever it needs to go (blog post):

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Into the heart of danger with the H.M.A.S Fearless

These won’t be news for those of you who saw the work-in-progress pictures on Flickr or who saw them at NWBrickCon, but I finally took decent pictures of my three recent steampunk creations. Enjoy!

H.M.A.S. Fearless
The brave women of Her Majesty’s Royal Flying Corp pilot the steam-powered gunship Fearless into most certain danger!

Leftenant Cavendish’s Marvelous Amphibious Contraption
On a voyage of discovery in deepest uncharted Asia, Leftenent Henry Cavendish of Her Majesty’s 13th Expeditionary Forces improvises a means of vehicular transport, using a native canoe, wagon wheels, and a boiler of his own invention. His musket also spews Greek Fire.

Mr. Renoir’s Ornithopter
Unbeknownst to most modern historians, Pierre-Auguste Renoir followed in the footsteps of great artist-inventors of the past (including his hero Leonardo Da Vinci), fabricating fantastic winged contraptions and flying them throughout the French countryside.

And of course the full photoset on Flickr.

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