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Pantsbots, rise up against — oh wait.

Pantsbots are adorable, convivial characters who want nothing more than to help their Spacemen friends:

(Spider-Pantsbot, Schizo-Pantsbot, and Bodyguard-Pantsbot by Arpy 2.0)

Sometimes, though, Spacemen take advantage of the loyal little fellows:

JordanTN put it best:

One day when pantsbots become Minorities they will use this image to show young PantsBots how cruel the spacemen were to them all those years ago…

Arpy, you’re a bad, bad man.

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The Making of a Princess

The castle layout at NWBrickCon included an adorable female minifig with a long skirt I’d never seen before. I’ve recreated the design as a princess below:

I asked for permission to take her apart, learning that the “skirt” piece was actually the torso from an old fig. I promptly ran off to the Brick Bazaar, where by a stroke of luck Bob Kojima was selling these old figs for 50 cents each. I picked up a pair of them:

Taking a break from sorting this weekend, I tried to recreate this minifig design, but couldn’t figure it out, so I came up with something similar of my own:

To create a long-skirted castle minifig of your own:

  1. Take the head off an old fig with a 2×2 base and no arms.
  2. Insert a Technic axle pin into an axle joiner.
  3. Put the axle pin and joiner inside the old fig’s body and thread the pin through the head-hole.
  4. Insert the Technic pin into the minifig torso.

Note: The Technic pin will only fit into an old-style minifig torso. The new-style torsos have flanges (or something) that prevent it from fitting.

Unfortunately, my camera’s battery was dead by the point when I saw this in the display, so I didn’t get a closeup picture of the black farmer’s hut the lady was standing next to. If you know whose design this is, please speak up!

EDIT: According to commenters on Flickr and Classic-Castle Forums, the farmer’s hut was by Gary McIntire, and the weird little figs are from BASIC sets released between 1981 and 1990.

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MaK UDK38 Schenkel Diorama by Tim Gould

Back in July I blogged Tim Gould’s LDraw version of a “Maschinen Krieger UDK38 Schenkel.” Now, Tim has posted pictures of his design in real bricks, complete with a nice diorama to showcase it:

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A nice slice of mecha

Getting away from NWBC, now. Man, I wish I could have been there! The pictures show too much good stuff to take in at once!

Fradel Gonzales, commonly known as Slice151, have built a very nice pair of mechas that he call Chirashis. They are viewable in his flickr photostream, and are certainly fantastic in their black sleekness.

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NWBrickCon 2006 Coverage Summary

With all of my own coverage out of the way (I just added my day 3 write-up to my original post), let’s wrap up NWBrickCon 2006 with a summary of coverage on the Web.

First up, coverage by Josh and me here on The Brothers Brick:

Brendan Mauro has kindly posted a batch of videos to YouTube, capturing many of the creations with movement of one sort or another. Check out the camera mounted to the front of the moonbase monorail:

Next, various conference attendees have uploaded their pictures to the Web. I created a NWBrickCon group on Flickr, and it currently has over 380 pictures from the weekend. Check out the member list to see Flickr members who attended the ‘con. Josh also uploaded all of his pictures to a nicely organized set of galleries on Brickshelf.

Finally, the bazaar was a huge draw at NWBrickCon this year, with many vendors and individual sellers presenting their products for sale. Here are the ones whose contact info I remembered to grab:

  • AuctionBrick: Buy and sell LEGO products.
  • Big Ben Bricks: Ben Fleskes’ custom 9-volt train sets and parts.
  • Brick Creations: Former master modeler Bill Vollbrecht’s custom LEGO creations.
  • BrickArms: Modern minifig weapons from Will Chapman.
  • Horseshoe Bend Rail Road: A LEGO Christmas train from Matt Chiles (Matt, if you see this, let me know if you want me to publish your contact info).
  • Little Armory Toys: Custom minifig weapons.
  • Math ‘n’ Stuff: Local Seattle toy store.
  • Matt’s Mushroom Bins: The Perfect LEGO sorting solution from Matt Chiles.
  • The TBP Group: LEGO Certified Professional Dan Parker’s company (ditto, Dan).

Post links in comments if you run across blog posts, more pictures, other videos, or anything else TBB readers might like to see.

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It’s okay because he calls them abominations...

My path to the dark side assured, let’s get a head-start on Halloween with some great “abominations” from self-described “evil mad scientist” Windell Oskay:

Windell has written up a nice article on How to hack LEDs into Lego minifigures for Halloween, as well as a second article on his many Lego Abominations.

Here’s a hilarious example titled “Squid King Fu”:

Be sure to check out the full photoset on Flickr.

Thanks for sending this in, Windell! You’re such a bad influence… ;-)

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Josh Does NWBrickCon

After spending an incredible weekend at NWBrickCon this last weekend, I finally got my journal online.

You can read it here.

It was a ton of fun to see all the creations and meet so many Lego fans. Of course, the highlight of the weekend was finally getting to meet Andrew in real life. As I looked through my pics of the public hours, I had a bunch of Andrew so I give you the Dunechaser Montage!

With his roaming Aztec gods:

Pointing out the finer details of Castle building:

Posing with his Serenity crew:

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