News: More 2007 Set Pictures from

Eurobricks reports that Amazon Germany has posted more pictures of the January-June 2007 LEGO sets. Check out the Ferrari, Technic, and Exo-Force sets in this post, and the Aqua Raiders, Star Wars, City, and Creator sets in this thread.

Here’s my favorite new Aqua Raiders set, the as-yet-unnamed 7776:

A shipwreck?! Unbelievably cool.

And check out the set Jamie Berard designed, 4953 Fast Flyers:

Finally, LEGO is releasing two official mosaic-building sets with some cute designs, 6162 and 6163:

For those of you who want to see all the 2007 set pictures from in one place, Brickshelfer HJR has them all in a set of conveniently organized galleries.

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