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Nathan Proudlove and the World of Tomorrow

This may be the first steampunk SHIP (that’s a Spacer term for Significantly Huge Investment in Parts). Nathan Proudlove presents a flying steampunk aircraft carrier reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s ship in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow:

Not surprisingly, my favorite part is the little steampunk bicycle thingie sitting on the deck:

(More catching up. This one via Brick Brick.)

Mecha Instructions from Soren. w00t!

Ever wanted to build a mecha of your own? Not satisfied with puzzling out building techniques from Brickshelf pictures? Wonder no more! Soren Roberts and Tim Gould have teamed up to announce step-by-step instructions for Soren’s RGM-79C GM mecha:

View the partslist and download the instructions (in PDF format).

(Okay, so I have some catching up to do… Credit to mumu for blogging this first.)

Danzou the Reaper’s Shin-nyu

I recently helped Linus Bohman with some ideas for a cool little space ninja vehicle. Here’s his Shin-nyu, a “long range infiltration and assassination craft” (shin-nyu means “infiltrate” in Japanese):

Be sure to click the picture for the full gallery — lots of great details on this one. Here’s the pilot of the Shin-nyu, Danzou the Reaper (Danzou is named after a legendary Japanese ninja):

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