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Ichiro Mosaic by JunLEGO

I was extremely pleased that Japan won the World Baseball Classic last week. Hurray! To honor this victory, Azumu presented several baseball-themed creations on LEGO-BINGO. Here’s my favorite — a mosaic of Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners, by Brickshelf user junlego:

I’m really looking forward to the beginning of the MLB season. I’m even taking Monday, April 3 off from work to go see opening day at Safeco Field. I haven’t missed an opening day for four or five years now. Go Japan, go! Go Mariners, go! Go Ichiro, go!

Izzo’s Vladek Gun

Now here’s something you don’t see every day — a working LEGO pistol that shoots a Knights Kingdom 2 “maxi-fig” head (Izzo, you crazy genius!):

And an action shot:

Below “Vladek Gun,” the text says:

Aim for the target!
Charge, and fire!
Get ahead of your rivals!!!
* Target sold separately.


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LEGO Mindstorms Lie Detector

Via Boing Boing, a Mindstorms lie detector by Michael Gasperi:

Wow. You won’t see very many Mindstorms creations here on DB, so if you’re interested in LEGO robotics, be sure to check out The NXT STEP and the Blog. (Side note: The latter is sponsored by LEGO. Hmmm… How do I pick up sponsorship from LEGO? They could even pay me in bricks…)

LEGO my Eggo?

Kellog’s Eggo and LEGO revealed an inevitable (you know, “L’eggo my Eggo”) tie-in a while back — Eggo waffles shaped like LEGO bricks:

The reverse was also inevitable. Jonathan Eric Hunter (cre8ivejuan on Brickshelf) just posted Eggo waffles made of actual LEGO bricks:

EDIT (3/29/06): The folks over at a company called Strategic Name Development have a blog that’s actually pretty darn interesting, if you’re into names and nomenclature and words and things, like I am. They were kind enough to link here, so thanks guys!

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