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Holy ravioli!

Tumbler schmumbler, if you’re an old fart like me then there can be only one true batmobile, and that’s the one from the super-camp 60’s TV show starring Adam West and Burt Ward! As many of you know, this year marks the 75th anniversary of Batman, and than means we’ve seen a lot of new LEGO sets and fan builds celebrating the Batman franchise. Including one rather disappointing attempting by the LEGO company to create an exclusive “chibi” batmobile for ComicCon. So many thanks to Orion Pax for rectifying the situation with this super-accurate version!

And you can check out the full gallery of images over on Mr P’s website here.

As straight as an arrow

If my local comic book store is any indicator, comic fans are often action figure fans too. So I’d imagine followers of DC’s Green Arrow would just love to get their hands on this LEGO version by French builder Nicolas “icare” Picot. Standing 50cm tall, it has 44 points of articulation, which qualifies it as ready for action in my book!

Couch Potatoes: Saving the world, one snack at a time!

Here’s a fiendishly clever little concept from Angus MacLane, the guy that made character building more accessible by dreaming up CubeDudes. And like CubeDudes, I suspect this pattern is destined to be widely imitated – with or without the couches. Each vignette features a brick-built superhero or screen character kicking back after a long day’s superheroing (…or in some cases, chestbursting).


Angus hopes to continue the series over the coming months, with even more examples of superhuman relaxation. And if Destro’s demeanor is any indication, I suspect the villains will turn out to be having a worse day than the heroes!