Pop culture flattened and served in a fresh new way

There are so many ways that LEGO can be used as an art medium and it’s been a long while since I’ve seen a different take on using the simplest elements to convey a whole lot. Granted that it’s not actually placed together on any studs, and are digital renders, but the arrangement of odds and ends by GYUTA is simply delightful and so on-point.

This could not have happened in the early years of LEGO art arrangement as the round 1×1 quarter tiles were only introduced in 2016 and the 1×1 half-circle tiles a year later with various colours slowly trickling in over the recent years. There are so many great designs that I’m so spoilt for choice and think it would be a disaster to miss any of these being highlighted. Let’s take a stroll down pop-culture lane and see what you think of these.

Presumably, it all started with the inspiration of directional signages pointing the way for disposal of all things that our body no longer needs – the washrooms, aka toilets, aka restrooms, aka… you get what I mean.


Next up are the baddies from a galaxy far far away – Hard breather guy and his protectors, which are known for their sharpshooting skills. I love how the round 1×1 open studs are used for the hands to extend the flat designs into a three-dimensional space.


Pointy eared puppet master and whiny kid weaponised can be a dangerous pair, that’s too much power that can easily take down enemies, so of course, they’re not allowed to travel together.


The hunter who couldn’t survive the Sarlacc pit (or did he?) and our favourite princess head-buns are one of my favourites.


The duo that I always thought that should have ended up together but somehow didn’t. Yeehaw!

Door Sign 4 My SON

I need that 4D pocket, someone, please point me to where I can purchase one of these. The magical portal that stores everything and anything is definitely needed for my stash of ever-growing LEGO collection.

Door Sign 4 who likes the J-culture

I always gelled my hair to be pointy after Saturday morning cartoons.

Door Sign 4 who likes the J-culture

We definitely have to catch them all – all of these wonderful designs.

Door Sign 4 who likes the J-culture

One of the easiest superhero to identify and call out because he simply used his real name as his superhero name. Kinda lazy if you ask me.


Two best buddies and their friendship is torn apart because one of them fell from an airplane and the other didn’t bother to send out a search party. I mean, who does that?


Two aliens (or half aliens) that can’t admit they have feelings for each other.


A contrast of superhero power – one that can easily squash anyone with a finger in giant mode versus one that’s just good at shooting arrows.


Awwww, look at that, best buddies. Give each other a hug now then, ok?


This reverse-upside-down-kiss-in-the-rain trick always gets the girl and now has gone down in history books forever.


Whoopsie daisy looks like they got your pants, buddy!


What’s that you said? Can you say it again? Louder this time, please? I couldn’t hear you underneath that mask.


The king and queen of Disney, the rear end that is?

Partition Wall Deco Ideas

Proof that you can be good friends even if you don’t speak the same language.

Partition Wall Deco Ideas

As long as you hide the hunny, you’re safe from these savage animals.

LEGO Deco 4 Fridges.

I wish I could make more fun at these characters, but I think I should save some for you, there are more in GYUTA’s Flickr stream that I’ve left out for you to enjoy. If anyone from LEGO is out there stalking this design approach, yes, I think it’s a winner if we have tiny magnetic bits that we can arrange in such a manner! (Ah yes, I forget, child hazard of magnet indigestion is a bummer)