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Och aye the “No”

Last night the people of Scotland voted against breaking away from the United Kingdom, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted flow of Mars bars in one direction, and Doctor Who actors in the other. And proving that I certainly have no monopoly on capturing current events in LEGO, James Pegrum built this scene to mark the occasion:

Pointless political war to now rage in the comments…

Brick Obama: LEGO Hope poster by Michael Fortress

As I type this, Barack Obama stands on the steps of the Unites States Capital with his right hand raised, taking the Oath of Office as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Brick Obama \"Hope\" poster by Michael Fortress

Like many LEGO fans, Michael Fortress wanted to mark the historic inauguration of president Obama. Inspired by the iconic Shepard Fairey “Hope” poster, Michael combined his graphic design skills with his passion for LEGO to create his own LEGO-themed Barack Obama “Hope” stencil poster.

Check out more of Michael’s design projects on deviantART.

Sarah Palin, the plastic Vice Presidential candidate

I’m sorry to have missed meeting Ochre Jelly during the public hours at BrickCon, but I was very pleased when he sent me a link to his latest LEGO creation.

OJ has captured the Alaska governor winking during her debate with Joe Biden:

Sarah Palin

OJ writes:

This is a new scale of LEGO that I am experimenting with. Not minifig scale, not miniland scale, but I’m calling it “marionette scale”. The goal was to figure out the smallest (which in my mind is the most interesting) scale at which I can create recognizable 3D facial likenesses.