Je Suis Charlie

Although the tragic events that unfolded yesterday in Paris were simply the act of a few deranged individuals, they are a reminder to us that – like all members of the visual arts community – LEGO builders should value their freedom of expression too. French builder Jimmy Fortel decided to show his solidarity with the beautiful creation below.

Je suis Charlie

It’s impossible to please all the people all of the time. I for one have had my fair share of negative feedback for things that I’ve created. But I appreciate having the freedom to push those boundaries and make artistic statements without fearing physical retribution. Sadly, that is not the case for people living in some parts of the world today. Yesterday’s incident should serve as a reminder of the freedoms that most of us do enjoy, even when they are being tested.

Nous somme tous Charlie.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts below. But please be aware that any overtly abusive, offensive or disrespectful comments will be deleted.

14 comments on “Je Suis Charlie

  1. Nicholas

    Et je suis votre ami!
    You did a beautiful way to acknowledge the horrible news of yesterday!
    What an image!
    A fist clasping a pencil!
    It’s a sin I cannot share a graphic I did yesterday for my facebook page!
    I am and have been against CENSORSHIP for ages, and censorship about everything!
    This was done by misguided youth!
    And on the verge of the Boston Marathon trial!
    More misguided youth!
    Makes you wonder if they had a childhood and if they did what kind of childhood!?!
    God Bless you for this!

  2. Carlo

    Agreed. Saddening to watch the world corrupt, and how much it has changed since God created it in beauty and peace…

  3. Mnemonyx

    That there are those that would kill cartoonists, shows the power in humor Let us hope that the power in humor continues to be used to support freedom, and is used wisely and with mercy.

  4. thwaak

    “But please be aware that any overtly abusive, offensive or disrespectful comments will be deleted.”


  5. Rivet

    ^Not really. Censorship and rights deal with government-individual relationships. As a private group, TBB can delete whichever comments it chooses. In this case, they may choose to delete comments that have no place in a civilized comment thread, such as those that use excessive foul language or insults. Kids read this.

    Besides all that, this was a horrific event, and this build demonstrates well that no matter what happens, we stand together.

  6. Nicholas

    When in the coarse of events a person over steps his/her bounds, the administration deserves the right to remove a post! In the case of anger or frustration, it is not fair to take it out on others and when in a group like this visited by young people they DO NOT DESERVE to feel anyone’s wrath! So remember this when posting! And do not forget this is a LEGO site NOT a political science class in college! Nor is it journalism 101!

  7. thwaak

    A post in solidarity to a group that were murdered for being overtly abusive, offensive, and disrespectful, and then being told that replies which are overtly abusive, offensive, and disrespectful will be deleted, is indeed ironic regardless of whether anyone has the right to or not.

    And indeed, it is a LEGO site, but not the first time TBB has posted images which have a political bent. LEGO is art. Art is an expression and it can occasionally be political. Posting an image such as this invites political discourse.

    All that being said, I firmly come down in sympathy with, as Jon Stewart said, “Team Civilization” and am appalled at the acts of the terrorists and I stand with Charlie.

  8. 4estFeller

    Rivet is correct, as a private entity TBB has the right to censor whatever content they please on their own site. Freedom of speech applies only to public expression, not private.

  9. Nicholas

    Jimmy Fortel seems to live up to Sister Wendy Beckett’s comment to news reporter Dan Rather when he asked her if she considered Spanish Artist ANDRES SERANO’s “The Piss Christ” art. Her definition of art has changed me for life and gives me new perspectives on my life and the world and my place in the world…and it applies to Jimmy’s work! Sister Wendy stated the purpose of art is to evoke an emotion, to dig deep in the soul and REACT to the artist’s message. It forces us to find the meaning in the work of any artist. With all that has been happening in the world regarding the Catholic church, Mr. Serano is stating the church is being pissed on! Jimmy Fortel has done just that using instead of urine, an antique cross and a Lucite box a common everyday toy—LEGO to help him express his feelings about the event. We are all “JE SUIS CHARLIE” if we are a part of the creative community be it, artist, photographer, writer, dancer, musician or singer! He in sharing his creation shared a BIG part of himself! And in the process he has cause controversy and what’s wrong with controversy!?!

  10. Brick Sack

    > the tragic events in Paris were simply
    > the act of a few deranged individuals,

    In the UK alone, MI5 have foiled 40 plots to commit similar attrocities since 2005. MI5 are closely monitoring thousands of individuals they believe could be involved in similar acts. 550 UK citizens are known to have travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS.

    By all accounts the Paris Jihadis were quite clear about what they were doing and why. Indeed, in their own minds their actions were righteous and holy.

    That’s why satire and ridicule are such important weapons in the fight against murderous extremism.

    > Please be aware that any offensive or
    > disrespectful comments will be removed.

    Je Suis Charlie? Irony indeed.

  11. Josh

    @Bricksack – The “few” referred to were in regards to the actual attack on Charlie Hebdo, which was attacked by two gunmen. Also the office is not in the UK. “Deranged” does not mean someone with unclear motives. It means someone with really wacked out motives. Most deranged people think their motives are rational (or holy).

    “Irony”? The disclaimer is there to deal with anyone who might go off the deep end and disrespect the dead or their families, not to deal with comments with which we might not agree. You think insisting on civility and compassion is ironic? I’m sorry for you.

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