Sarah Palin, the plastic Vice Presidential candidate

I’m sorry to have missed meeting Ochre Jelly during the public hours at BrickCon, but I was very pleased when he sent me a link to his latest LEGO creation.

OJ has captured the Alaska governor winking during her debate with Joe Biden:

Sarah Palin

OJ writes:

This is a new scale of LEGO that I am experimenting with. Not minifig scale, not miniland scale, but I’m calling it “marionette scale”. The goal was to figure out the smallest (which in my mind is the most interesting) scale at which I can create recognizable 3D facial likenesses.

26 comments on “Sarah Palin, the plastic Vice Presidential candidate

  1. BLT

    Wow, so many “clever” jabs at Palin. The MOC itself is very well done. It’s a pity that a MOC like this isn’t simply appreciated for what it is and is instead used as a focal point for such inane comments.

  2. BLT

    Interesting, I thought this was a LEGO board and simply stated that it’s a pity that a MOC can’t be appreciated for what it is.

    If you want to turn the board into a political platform, I also know Democrats who question Obama’s intelligence. Does that prove anything? Of course not. But congratulations on regurgitating the popular viewpoint.

    This is my last post in this thread since these ultimately prove nothing, although I reiterate that it’s a shame that the comments aren’t being directed to the MOC that few of us (and certainly not I) could build and the techiques used to build it.

  3. Ryan

    About the moc itself, and not the subject matter: Lovely techniques for the hair! Those glasses aren’t LEGO, though, are they?

  4. obxcrew

    While I do agree with you in a way, BLT, featuring a political MOC will unevitably lead to political comments.

    And anyway, we’re just joking.

  5. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    I think the glasses might be the clear plastic “glass” that is popped into window frames, like those in the Cafe corner. I think the wire holding them up is non-LEGO, though.

    Pretty good model, and recognizable, but I think that upper the scale just a bit would allow for better modeling. Still, this scale intrigues me, and if I wasn’t a six-hour drive from my LEGO (and studying for two art history midterms at the same time) I’d experiment with some building of my own.

  6. Gambort

    BLT> This is a blog, not an MOC board. If you’d like to see MOCs without commentary I’d recommend Brickshelf. The model is of a politicial nature so people will respond politically. You should be happy that your compatriots are taking an active interest in politics.

    You might also want to consider not loading your comments so strongly if you’d like to be taken seriously. Your blatant partisanism with a pretense of neutrality is fairly transparent.

  7. Dez

    It’s funny, cause I captured this same picture and posted it on Facebook. Got lots of comments from the crazy-liberals I call friends. :D

    Also, ditto what Tim said.

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