Free shipping, Republic Fighter Tank, and sales at the LEGO Shop [News]

The latest Star Wars: The Clone Wars set available from the LEGO Shop is 7679 Republic Fighter Tankicon (aka TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank).


All orders over $99.00 ship for free, so I’ll just dangle before you some of the sales going on right now:

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18 comments on “Free shipping, Republic Fighter Tank, and sales at the LEGO Shop [News]

  1. Andrew Post author

    @Bundalings: I haven’t ordered yet myself, so I’m not sure (it’s my birthday, and BrickCon was just a couple weeks ago, so I’m not buying much LEGO for myself right now). It probably takes effect at checkout.

    @jehkay: Glad the links work! I’m not sure about non-North American purchases, but if you’re buying from the LEGO Shop online anyway, it probably can’t hurt. :-)

    @Nathan: Heh heh, true enough.

  2. Wes

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I live ten miles from Legoland California, but I often buy from S@H to not have to fight the little children to make it in and out on my 1 hour shopper’s pass. I’m happy to help you guys out!

  3. Bundalings

    Ah, so you just click the link, shop as usual, and get free shipping? Sweet. Is this a limited time offer or is it always around? (sorry for all the questions. >_>)

  4. Ryan

    Dr. X: Fifty dollars isn’t that bad; I’ve noticed that for most non-exclusive sets, it’s generally about $10 per 100 parts, and this set has 592 parts.

  5. Dr. X

    Yes, I’ve noticed that too, and it’s true for many of TLC’s sets, but I was talking about the size of the thing. It looks like the size of a smallish tank at first glance, just like it would be in the star wars universe, but it seems TLC scaled it up a teeny bit.I thought it might be a 20 or 30 dollar set, but.. Lé sigh.

  6. David

    Yeah the tank looks overpriced, but wait until next year’s sets, outrageous. I might need new glasses but I thought that the Euro-catalog said that some droid tank was a $50. The tan version was $20 back in 1999 or 2000.

    So pretty much, Star Wars prices are going up. All I can think of is that the license even costs more now.

  7. Morgan19

    @ Dr. X: I know what you mean; the end-products scale is often a subtle but important factor for me as well. That being said, the tank is actually fairly large once built; the photographs don’t really do its size justice.

  8. Bryan

    I really like this tank and am looking forward to acquiring it. I saw it first here, so thanks again BB! To me, it does seem like a fairly good price to piece ratio, especially for a star wars set. I also really liked 7673 MagnaGuard Starfighter for parts (might even buy another one of that someday). The other Star Wars sets I have not been as thrilled about lately. Many of them would be better as smaller models.

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