President-Elect Barack Obama

There are more partisan LEGO images I could have chosen, but this beautiful mosaic by Udronotto seemed the most appropriate.

(Like Senator McCain’s concession speech a moment ago, let’s keep the comments civil, dear readers.)

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  1. Jedimasterwagner

    glad to see the lego community responding to the election. this mosaic seems more appropriate for the president of the USA than the minifig picture posted below it, but the minifigs were kinda funny!

  2. Tananavalley

    This one elected man is not going to change a thing. As long as foreign countries buy our debt because we can’t live within our means, and we have 535 other men and women in Washington with NO term limits, and people will vote for someone who says “I’ll take the guy’s money and give it to you because he has more” we are screwed.

  3. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    I quite enjoy the use of oranges and dark reds to achieve the hues.

    And politics LEGO internet don’t mix. Let’s all go out and buy a LEGO set and build it in celebration of being united by LEGO!

  4. Peppermint Pig

    “This sucks, we have a bad president.”

    Nothing has changed then.

    When two people create solutions and come to agreement in the marketplace, everyone wins. Unfortunately this is not true in the democratic process. There is no moral justification to cede authority to someone so that they may rule over everyone else via majority.

    As for the mosaic, good choice of colors. Is that bright light orange, or earth orange?

  5. von goyle

    This is a great build, any smaller and the details would have been lost, any larger and the colors would have been wasted. I’m building this and keeping it up on my wall. You totally get credit on it though.

  6. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    Peppermint Pig: I’m pretty certain it’s a very light orange. There are a few mid-orange bricks as well around the ear and nose. The rest I think is dark red, with of course black and white.

  7. Peppermint Pig

    I can see the dark orange and orange bits, but I was curious with the lightest color. Perhaps its yellow but the photo colors are off/dingy?

  8. Rocko

    It’s going to be a long road to reverse some of the past 8 years. Hopefully some change is on the way.

  9. Kaitimar

    I doubt that he will change much, the money still smells soooo good, but hey, a black president! Next: girlpower. We are waiting!

  10. BigJim

    I am disappointed in the result of the election but more proud of JM then ever after that concession speech. Let us do as he urged and support the President elect as best we can.

  11. Mara Kotobuki

    We’re all doomed.

    And so much for the one site I read that didn’t get on the Lord Obama bandwagon.

    Oil prices will go back up. Oil is needed to make plastic. Lego is plastic. We’re doubly doomed.

  12. erik eti smit

    I’m a leftie so Obama is way to right wing for me (hey Americans… you don’t have a left wing over there… what you call ‘liberal’ is not left wing!) but still I’m happy that he won. I won’t be offended if anyone disagrees with me.
    On a more serious note: The colors puzzle me, too. At first I thought the white balance was off but the white bricks are white enough. If it is bright light orange or earth orange, I think I don’t have a single brick in either color myself so I wouldn’t know…
    Let me go ask the guy. I speak Italian.

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  14. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    Peppermint Pig:

    There are many varieties of LEGO orange: there are at least two different light oranges, thanks to the Belville sets. I believe both of these lighter oranges are present in this mosaic.

  15. erik eti smit

    Okay, I got an answer from the guy – he used yellow, red and orange and then modified the colors with Photoshop (he actually said: Sorry to have fooled you all but I use a lot of photoshop in my creations…)
    So, that solves it, then!

  16. Andrew Post author

    I’m going to go out on a limb and disagree with one of my contributors (sorry Nathan/LOTL) and say that politics has a firm and appropriate place in any art form, in which I include LEGO creations.

    While I’m here, I’ll remind everybody to avoid the flame wars that took place on the other Obama post, which forced me to lock comments there.

    Both Obama’s and McCain’s speeches last night were excellent models on the improved level of discourse we Americans could choose as we move forward together into the future.

  17. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    Actually, I said LEGO plus Internet plus politics don’t mix (the plus symbols were mysteriously removed from my post). At least, they rarely mix and result in proper, polite discourse, as the other post clearly demonstrates.

    It’s not that I don’t mind politically-themed LEGO creations, I just really am annoyed at the flame wars that almost certainly follow, and it’s disappointing that many contributers fail to employ even basic politeness.

  18. Andrew Post author

    ^ Ah yes, that does make more sense. :-) And agreed — the trolling and the baiting and the flame wars are just tiresome.

  19. Littlebrick

    @LOTL: Then I guess you wouldn’t like the Obama Appriciation Thead that someone started up on BiM.

  20. Jonathan

    I am not too big on the use of white bricks. My first thought was, “Someone came on his face!”

  21. ari akin

    very good so many diffrent orange bricks.ohh and STOP FLAMEING!!! its just a lego need to flame.

  22. Bubblesrawesome

    As much as I despies seeing his face……. I have to admit that was really funny!! LOL! :-) Rock on!!
    P.S. That mole looks really stupuid on him!! Great!!

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