Psst, everyone, remember why we’re here?  LEGO is awesome.  Check out this cute Boston Terrier by Mike “Count Blockula” Crowley:

7 comments on “Woof.

  1. The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith

    This LEGO dog MOC represents everything that is wrong with America. The black sections segregated from the white. The ears point upward toward higher taxes. Its blank forward gaze showcasing an indifference toward the suffering America’s belligerent foreign policy has caused. It literally inhuman subject matter bespeaking the racist backlash to progressive reverse-Randian deficit spending that is destroying the 2nd Amendment, radically increases our greed for porn, stripping us of partisan pseudological accountability, and doubling the price of LEGO!!

    Plus, I don’t think Ron Paul is really a US citizen.

  2. von goyle

    When I first looked at it I thought ” yeah it’s cute but I’ve seen dogs in Brickmaster magazine made by seven-year- … olds… dude… are those cheese slopes? OhmyGod! Man, that thing is tiny!”
    That’s freaking sweet!!!!! Talk about using only what’s needed to achieve a GREAT detailed build!

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