Remember to vote, innit?

It’s election day! This Thursday, British voters will be exercising their democratic rights by rushing to the pub, then staggering to the polling stations, then (if memory serves) heading straight back to the pub.

So far this version of 10 Downing Street by Ben and Rachel Apps is the only remotely relevant MOC that I’ve been able to dredge up for the occasion. Personally I blame the British government …for not producing any political figures memorable enough to be worth modeling in LEGO!

Anyway, hope you all have a great election – if nothing else it’ll be good practice for when this happens all over again at Christmas.

3 comments on “Remember to vote, innit?

  1. Hayden

    I find your stereotyping incredibly distasteful. Not only did you uses “innit” incorrectly but considering voting booths opened at 7am, no one was at the pub. Funnily enough, just because pubs exist in British culture, people don’t go there 24/7.

  2. Sarah

    Pretty sure Iain is British, though isn’t he? I think hes just being silly, as usual. The fact that he knows there is a chance of another election at the end of the year shows he knows more about it than the average American.

  3. kjjohn

    Lol people need to stop being offended by everything. I’m American, and if you want to stereotype America go right ahead, I couldn’t care less. It’s clear that the author was just trying to be funny.

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