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Mecha Charizard, I choose you!

Zane Houston‘s mechanical version of the iconic Pokemon Charizard adds a new level of ferocity to the beast. The flamethrower tail and the visible mechanical workings inside the belly of the beast are great additions.

Machine 006

Incredible Lego Pokemon Arcanine

I saw this creation by Mike Nieves (retinence) at BrickFair, and was blown away. The first thing that caught my eye was the paw smashing into the base, it really adds motion to the sculpture. Then I realized that the entire Pokemon (tiger?) was balanced on one paw! Incredibly, this creation was overlooked for nomination for Best Bionicle, but celebrity judge Ed Diment made sure this was recognized in the mecha category.

Pokemon Arcanine 3

Catch all of Carson Hart’s LEGO Pokemon

Unless your heart is made of stone, you’ll fall in love with these adorable LEGO Pokemon and their trainer by Carson Hart.

LEGO Pokemon by Carson Hart on Flickr

I think that’s Blastoise, Venusaur, Charizard, Ash, and Snorlax. How evolved!

Lego Pokemon Scizor

Mike Nieves (retinence) have made several Pokemon creations with his elegant Bionicle/System style. His most recent build of Scizor is one of my favorites. Whoever commissioned it is one lucky customer.

Commission: Pokemon Scizor

Impressive Lego Pokemon Creatures by Mike Nieves

Skeletons are notoriously difficult to sculpt with Lego, due to their fragile, spindly nature, but Mike Nieves (aka retinence) has done a superb job with this imagining of a Pokemon Magikarp. His Gyarados is no less excellent, though, translating the serpentine body into Lego fantastically.

Commission 2/3: Magikarp Skeleton

gyarados copy

Build a Pokéball

Chris McVeigh (powerpig) has posted instructions to build a Pokéball. Maybe it’ll catch a Lego Pokémon.

This is devolution

Evolve Already!

I know nearly nothing about Pokemon but luckily knowledge is unnecessary to enjoy Mike Nieves’ (retinence) Magikarp. Amazing organic design.

Joris lives in a LEGO house and plays Pokemon on his Nintendo DS

Joris Blok (joris.blok) recreated his house in The Netherlands. I’ve seen some nice brickwork, but Joris’s LEGO brick wall is outstanding.

LEGO house

While we’re at it, here are some of Joris’s very cool LEGO Pokemon, Oddish and Magnemite.

LEGO Pokemon Oddish LEGO Pokemon Magnemite

Oh, what the heck — here’s Joris’s Nintendo DS, too.