Incredible Lego Pokemon Arcanine

I saw this creation by Mike Nieves (retinence) at BrickFair, and was blown away. The first thing that caught my eye was the paw smashing into the base, it really adds motion to the sculpture. Then I realized that the entire Pokemon (tiger?) was balanced on one paw! Incredibly, this creation was overlooked for nomination for Best Bionicle, but celebrity judge Ed Diment made sure this was recognized in the mecha category.

Pokemon Arcanine 3

14 comments on “Incredible Lego Pokemon Arcanine

  1. deevee

    As far as I’m aware (I wasn’t the coordinator for the BIONICLE section this year), Mike’s MOCs were not nominated for BEST BIONICLE at Brickfair because they involve a bunch of cut parts, and the coordinator was not a fan of that.

    It is an absolutely beautiful sculpture, to be sure!

  2. Dan Post author

    Cut parts! I hadn’t heard about that, I’m not a fan of cutting myself. I didn’t see any cut parts, but could have just missed them.

  3. Andrew

    Cut tubing is in fact official by even the most stringent of purist standards, since there are LEGO set instructions that have you doing so.

  4. gambort

    ^ Brickvention in Australia does have awards (best of show and a few others). They’re just not as prominent as at US conventions.

  5. si-mocs

    Yeah this was probably the coolest single build at BFVA. And I’m not just talking about Bionicle… best build period. And that’s saying a lot from a non bionicle guy ;)

    Mike – is it true that you built the base AT brickfair? someone mentioned it but I didn’t believe it.

    Great work man!

  6. retinence

    Simon- Yea, the System part of the base was made at Brickfair. It wasn’t hard, just a shell around the technic base that holds everything up.

  7. Benjamin P

    Another fantastic MOC by retinence; shame it couldn’t go head to head with other superb Bionicle builders at BrickFair.

    Cut tubing it totally kosher. If it’s that big a deal then someone should ask the next set builder LEGO decides to send to a convention.

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