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A vintage racer from automobile history

Back in the 1920s and ’30s, when Ferdinand Porsche and Enzo Ferrari were not heads of exotic sports car companies but mere racecar drivers, Mercedes-Benz pushed the limits of racing using supercharger technology developed from airplane engines. One sports car that utilized this enhancement was the Mercedes-Benz SSKL of 1931, which LEGO Technic and Model Team expert Pawel Kmieć (Sariel) faithfully replicated. This old roadster jumps out from black and white photographs with a clean white livery, custom-chromed parts and the laurel wreath of champions.

Mercedes-Benz SSKL

Pawel is a master of building accurate vehicles that are also packed with functions. He includes everything an essential large-scale LEGO vehicle needs: suspension and steering. In addition, he often crams the body of these vehicles full of LEGO electric motors, allowing remote control. This display model becomes a real-life racer, pushing a top speed of 5mph. Watch Pawel’s in-depth video of the build process, and the speedy drive outdoors.

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A tale of two GTOs

The Ferrari 250 GTO may be one of the most beautiful cars ever built. It’s certainly one of the most valuable, with a 1963 example currently holding the record for the world’s most expensive car having sold a few years ago for $70 million. However, with its shapely curves and swooping lines, it’s a challenge to translate to LEGO, which makes it quite a surprise to come across not one, but two stunning renditions in brick debuting online within short order. First up with have the 250 GTO wearing its iconic red paint job by builder Lennart Cort.

Ferrari 250 GTO

And then we have a gorgeous version by Jens M. which is modeled after a specific real example that bears the blue-and-yellow livery of its former Swedish driver.

Ferrari 250 GTO

What’s fascinating to look at here is how the two builders–both excellent in their craftsmanship–have approached the model differently. Both cars are roughly the same scale (about 1/15th, according to Lennart) and despite being built completely independently of one another, employ the same tires, hubs, windscreen, and even headlights. But that’s about where the overlap ends. For instance, the front fascia is radically different between the two versions, although both clearly evoke the source material. Continue reading

Ferrari 250 GT has earned its stripes

The Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB was one of the most successful GT racing cars of the early 60s, and even without considering its trophy-winning prowess, was undoubtedly one of the coolest looking. Noah L‘s LEGO version is as classy as its inspiration. The model’s shaping is excellent, nicely capturing the car’s stylish curves. And that central tricolour stripe is just lovely.

LEGO Ferrari Sports Car

In an impressive display of building skill, Noah has crammed in a detailed interior, an engine, and opening doors, bonnet, and boot — no mean feat in such a tight footprint.

LEGO Ferrari Sports Car

Octan is getting an upgrade

If you’re going to build a large-scale truck out of LEGO and give it a tanker trailer, it’s only logical that it will be an Octan tanker. That’s the thought process behind this beautiful rig by Ricardo P. The truck is a replica of the Dutch brand DAF’s CF85 truck, looking great here in red.

DAF CF 85 - 01

The cab lifts for engine access just like the real deal, and there’s plenty of details to go around. It may be simple, but I love the way the exhaust snakes around the back of the cab. LEGO’s Creator Expert line may be churning out excellent car models like the Ford Mustang, but this really makes me wish Model Team and its big rigs would make a comeback.

DAF CF 85 - 15

Patient researchers advance at a crawl

LEGO introduced the Model Team theme back in 1986 — it featured vehicle models at a larger scale, with more details and often some interesting functions. Shawn Davis has build a Model Team-inspired Research Crawler and photographed it beautifully. There’s a sense of exploring the unknown as the vehicle enters the dark, uneven terrain, encountering apparently giant autumnal leaves! Aside from the cool photography, the vehicle itself is a great build — plenty of windows, clever use of drawers for kit, and a manipulator arm at the front to obtain specimens for closer inspection.

Model Team Research Crawler

The researcher looks ready for dangerous encounters with her PPE attire, but the poor motorcycling lookout only gets binoculars and a fast bike for protection!

Keep on truckin’ with a Peterbuilt 352 110 Cabover

If you find that the boot of your car (or trunk, for those across the pond) is not quite big enough to transport your LEGO collection, then this heavy hauler should do the trick. André Pinto has built a LEGO Peterbuilt 352 110 Cabover in its original paint scheme of blue and white with just enough glinting chrome to catch the eye of those truck admirers out there.


André’s model might not use much fuel, but the cab can tip just like the real vehicle to show off the chassis and lots more chrome, especially those exhaust pipes.


Ridin’ in style from hospital to grave

Today’s post is best enjoyed with a little bit of music. I’m sure builders Lino and Tim will appreciate the musical selection.

Lino and Tim have teamed up to bring us a pair of stylin’ rides that all of us hope to never be in. If you’re going to be in an ambulance or a hearse, wouldn’t you like them to be as awesome as these two?

Lino’s contribution is the 1931 Ford Delivery Ambulance, affectionately called the Flatline Ford. I have full confidence that traffic will move over when they see this bad boy coming after them.

'31 Flatline Ford

From Tim, we have our 1967 Cadillac Hearse. I think “Hell’s Bells” is awfully appropriate for this beast. This hearse will deliver the goods regardless of how far or hard to reach the final resting place might be. I absolutely love the hood ornament!

"Hell's Bells" 1967 Cadillac Hearse

Filled up and ready for a raid

LEGO themes come and go, but some of them stay in our hearts forever. Korean builder bigcrown85 makes us shed some tears with a beautiful remake of some old Model Team sets.

Black cat Rally team

Experienced readers might recognize these legendary vehicles. The jeep on the left is based on the awesome 5510 Off-Road 4×4 from 1986, and the truck on the right is a remake of the B-model from 5571 Giant Truck, which was released in 1996.

Off-Road 4x4 Giant Truck

The builder has refurbished both cars, making them black and red, improving the chassis and upgrading the interiors with all new pieces (he even placed a coffee machine right behind the seats in the driver’s cab!). And the title “Black cat rally team” refers to the giant truck’s alternative set name. A crouching cat was used as a radiator cap, and you can find one on the hood of the jeep as well. What a lovely touch!

Black cat Rally team

All in all, both cars offer a nice representation of how present-day Model Team sets could possibly look: massive, stunning and handsome.