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A tale of two GTOs

The Ferrari 250 GTO may be one of the most beautiful cars ever built. It’s certainly one of the most valuable, with a 1963 example currently holding the record for the world’s most expensive car having sold a few years ago for $70 million. However, with its shapely curves and swooping lines, it’s a challenge to translate to LEGO, which makes it quite a surprise to come across not one, but two stunning renditions in brick debuting online within short order. First up with have the 250 GTO wearing its iconic red paint job by builder Lennart Cort.

Ferrari 250 GTO

And then we have a gorgeous version by Jens M. which is modeled after a specific real example that bears the blue-and-yellow livery of its former Swedish driver.

Ferrari 250 GTO

What’s fascinating to look at here is how the two builders–both excellent in their craftsmanship–have approached the model differently. Both cars are roughly the same scale (about 1/15th, according to Lennart) and despite being built completely independently of one another, employ the same tires, hubs, windscreen, and even headlights. But that’s about where the overlap ends. For instance, the front fascia is radically different between the two versions, although both clearly evoke the source material. Continue reading