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A percussive performance in pinks and purples

LEGO builder Milan Sekiz is strutting their stuff on this overly-colorful dance floor. And each piece of this build feels right at home in this boogie-filled alien world. The speakers have a cartoonish quality, emphasized by the floating music notes surrounding them. The array of otherworldly refreshments to the left is ready to reinvigorate any worn-down dancer, with the spilled drink added as a great touch. Even the small table on the right feels right at home with its star-shaped flowers and bubbly curves at its base. But the highlight has got to be the character construction that’s absolutely out of this world. Ms. Purple’s medusa-like hair is groovy, and the gold accents and lavender heels really set her outfit off. And take note of the dynamite DJ in the back with their noodle-y arms on the ones and twos. Overall, this build is throwing some serious Creator set vibes, and I love it!

Ms. Purple

The office building that looks like an office copier

LEGO builder Milan Sekiz tells us that this is their first attempt at Brutalist architecture. I’ve seen plenty of Brutalist architecture in person, plus I’ve taken a few architecture courses in college so I know a bit about the subject but let’s consult Google as to what they say about it. Brutalism is generally characterized by its rough, unfinished surfaces (check!), unusual shapes,(check!) heavy-looking materials,(check!) straight lines,(check!) and small windows (yes!). It seems by all accounts, Milan has achieved Brutalism. I like the very orderly gardens flanking the building and the vines creeping up the middle of it are a nice touch. It adds a bit of warm nature to this otherwise cold and imposing structure. I can’t help thinking that it looks a bit like an office copier, or better yet, someone’s inbox that is chock full of…Brutalism. OK, I’ll admit that I probably should have thought that analogy through. But do you have a better one?

Council Hall

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The Fast and the Fellowship

In 2016, LEGO introduced the Mighty Micros line, featuring heroes and villains doing battle in tiny, individually-themed supercars. Unfortunately, as fun as those sets were, the line was limited to the Marvel and DC licenses. But now builder Milan Sekiz has now offered us a glimpse at what might have been, had the line expanded to Rivendell and beyond. Who cares if there are no internal combustion engines in Middle Earth? These things are adorable. And they perfectly blend the Mighty Micros spirit with the heroes and villains of this epic saga. From Aragon’s horse-powered horse to the Uruk-hai driving a literal white hand, it’s the cutest Tolkien’s work has ever been.

The Lortd of the Rings Mighty Micros

Everything an aspiring LEGO photographer needs

We’ve featured a number of great LEGO recreations of cameras over the years, but Milan Sekiz went the extra mile by recreating all the essential accessories, too. Along with the Nikon D7100 camera, there’s a Nikon SB600 flash, Sherpa 200R tripod, and a Phottix remote. Some standout details include the excellent use of angled slope tile to create the camera body, as well as the tread on a LEGO tire standing in on the texture on the lens housing. (But the best detail has to be the tiny bit of chain link in the dial.) I also like the use of quarter-circle tile to create smooth lines on the flash.

Lego Camera

Even better, the various builds can be combined just like the real thing. This rear view of the camera with the flash attached also shows off a cool extra – a LEGO camera strap!

Lego Camera

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A world of 3.18mm bars

Any regular reader of the Brothers Brick knows, LEGO fans can do some pretty amazing things with the wide variety of different LEGO pieces out there. Those endless possibilities include limiting yourself to a smaller palette of parts and colours, like Milan Sekiz has done with his series of Stick Statue creations.

Stick statue (1/3)

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Baking outside of the box

Pastries on Netflix’s Nailed It never look as tasty as this LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK cake made by Milan Sekiz. To be fair, the builder has the advantage of using uniformly shaped plastic to craft the frosted layers, instead of fumbling with a piping bag. IKEA Serbia commissioned Milan to build the unique creation before the BYGGLEK’s October release. The two candles are very apropos marking the celebration of LEGO and IKEA’s collaboration.


Using the BYGGLEK for the actual purpose of storage is still a big part of this creation. The boxes also contain a plate, silverware, and a sample slice of the cake all built from LEGO elements. With stacks of detail, Milan completes the confection with a reference to “the cake is a lie” meme in his Instagram post, made famous by Portal. This sweet taste of ignorance is bliss!