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Sigurd’s Demise

This LEGO creation by VelociJACKtor reminds me of the Nexo Knights LEGO theme. The theme itself was a love-it-or-hate-it kind of theme. If I recall correctly a lot of fans were hoping for a castle theme revival. But they ended up getting not quite what they were hoping for. The theme did however come with a lot of cute knight robots. The little knight in VelociJACKtor’s creation reminds me of these. The dragon neck and head by itself is a lovely build composed of a handful of parts that can be found in numerous LEGO buildable figure sets.

Sigurd’s Demise

This knight shines on

Knights in shining armour are rarely as shiny as this LEGO creation. Moko’s knight mech is the shiniest knight I’ve seen. On top of the pure shiny factor, this guy is incredibly ornate to boot. The elegance is easily noticed in the halberd; the axe head and spike are eye catching focal points. The helmet is also distinct: while it might look a little large for the dwarf it’s intended for, it fits appropriately here. What’s truly amazing is how well the builder was able to sculpt the form using the limited palette of silver and gold pieces. The cleverest parts usage are the Hero Factory masks as thighs and knees.