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Looking like an extra from a reboot of AAAHH!!! Real Monsters, the Skulkhound isn’t something you’d want to find rummaging through your rubbish. Builder Djokson is quite a practiced character artist with a great eye for design and parts usage. This creepy little doggo is a perfect example of both. The sharp, spindly legs provide just enough support for the arching, unnaturally thin spine of this Chupacabra-esque cutie. Clever color-blocking with DOTs bracelets of different thickness give the beast a cartoonish coat that almost distracts from its jagged smile.

The Skulkhound

It may have a face only its creator could love but look at it a little longer. You know it’s cute, just in a “good boy, don’t eat my soul, here’s your graveyard kibble” kind of way. If creepy isn’t your thing, I wouldn’t recommend checking out too many of Djokson’s other creatures. Some are much less cuddly than others but they’re all full of life.

Cleaning up after Halloween

It was with sadness that we leave the Halloween season behind us for another year. However, Djokson, at least, seems to be ready to push creepy forward into the more festive holidays. In Harvest, they have taken creative part usage into new levels of disturbing. An old Scala figure, a Bionicle air pump, and a Matrix-inspired, ball jointed, creeping terror give a new twist to “hung by the chimney with care.”


Not ready to hang your Christmas lights just yet? Why not linger a little while in our Horror tag.

Tonight’s the knight for love – the love of a good fight!

Return to the distant past of 2004 and the theme of Knights Kingdom II with King Crusher – a hefty brawler of a character created by djokson. The most impressive trick in this build has to be the usage of King Mathias torsos for the Crusher’s giant fists. But don’t overlook the shoulder armor that forms the chest, or the protruding jaw made from a 2×2 spoiler brick. Yeah, this is one fighter who’s earned their crown – and is ready to tackle anyone who might even dream of taking it from them.

King Crusher

There aren’t a ton of entries in our archives yet for Knights Kingdom themed builds, but we can only hope this creation will stir other builders into a renaissance of clever part usage and brawling armored bruisers!