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This LEGO Casa Madrigal from Disney’s Encanto really dances along

At this point, nothing from LEGO builder extraordinaire Paul Hetherington should really surprise me, and yet I was still blown away when I saw this recreation of Casa Madrigal from Disney’s Encanto. But not because it’s wonderfully detailed—although it is—but because unlike any of the other beautiful LEGO versions that I’ve seen, this one really dances along, just like the magical house in the movie.

LEGO Encanto Casa Madrigal Magical Poster

Paul has packed the interior of the house with motors and mechanisms that cause the roof tiles to pulse in rhythm, the shutters and doors to open and close, and even the rain cloud to rock back and forth.

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The miraculous and magical Casita Madrigal

Can’t seem to get enough of Disney’s Encanto? Neither can we! The official LEGO Encanto set is lovely but it is just not big enough to satisfy my Encanto cravings. This is where Martin Harris comes in. Martin is no stranger when it comes to building big. A lot of his creations are on quite a large scale. Same goes for the Casita Madrigal. It took Martin 4.5 weeks of building, which considering the size, sounds like quite a lot of work. Martin didn’t spend any of that time counting pieces. Considering that each roof shingle is a bread loaf tile, the piece count has to be quite high.

Encanto movie Casita build

Casita Madrigal is covered in lovely detail. From the lush foliage to the vibrant colours. Martin even designed a different window frame for each of the sub parts of the house. That’s what I call dedication. This build really deserves to be zoomed in on. There are loads of lovely details that you would miss otherwise. There is a flock of toucans nesting on a balcony. An amazing brick built door complete with door knocker. Waving shutters and cracks in the walls. Martin even managed to incorporate a light-up brick to make sure the miracle candle in the window is burning at all times.

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LEGO reveals first sets from Disney’s Encanto movie [News]

With no fanfare, LEGO revealed a pair of sets from the upcoming Disney animated movie Encanto on their website today. The two sets are in the style of the other Disney sets, with the larger of the pair featuring minidolls, and the smaller as part of the book playsets lineup with microdolls. Encanto is slated for release Nov. 24, while the LEGO sets will follow on Dec. 1. There are a few new pieces that are sure to interest builders, too, such as new 3×3 macaroni tiles and a 1×1 round tile with a new clock print.

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