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Builder spotlight: Orion Pax and his pop culture extravaganza

LEGO builds of movies and TV are kind of a big deal. Everybody builds something from their favourite media, be it a character, vehicle, location, or a whole scene. Some people do it so consistency and with quality that their creations become icons in the community. This is where builder and LEGO Masters Germany contestant Alex Jones (Orion Pax) comes in. I recall seeing his numerous Transformers builds as early as ten years ago. Since then, he has graced us with a wide variety of wonderful vehicles from movies and TV shows. Not only that, he also built replica objects from the ’80s. And now, Alex shows them all off on his brand new website.

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I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger!

A builder who goes by the dubious name of SuckMyBrick has built a stunning LEGO portrait of Walter White, the mild-mannered chemistry teacher turned badass meth dealer because…desperate times. I hope I didn’t spoil too much for you, but as Breaking Bad has been cited as one of the best TV shows of all time, it is strongly recommended that you watch it to see Bryan Cranston in the most pivotal role of his career, even if just to sputter off memorable quotes such as this article’s title. SuckMyBrick is exceptionally good at building characters and portraits. Here is a recent time we featured his Fred Flintstone, as well as a whole string of internet influencers and the Commander in Peach.

Walter White

Cooking up a chemically pure Breaking Bad scene with LEGO

The TV show Breaking Bad showed us chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-kingpin Walter White’s descent from sympathetic protagonist to monstrous antagonist over its run, and the ever-talented LEGO 7 has rendered the self-styled Heisenberg in brick form here at the peak of his meth-cooking days. Like the famously blue 99.1% chemically pure meth, this model has all the right ingredients to be a hit.


I absolutely love the use of the trans-clear Bionicle tooth for the chemical pouring into the pot, although I think the standout parts usage here is the trans-black windscreen 3x4x3 which expertly replicates the protective face mask of Walt’s meth-cookin’ outfit. Enjoy a bonus shot of this brilliant model with the facemask up to appreciate the work recreating Walt’s distinct glasses, goatee, and shaved head.


Tread lightly, LEGO Breaking Bad Superlab

Have you ever wanted to cook your own tiny, 99.1% chemically-pure LEGO crystal meth? Well now you can with the LEGO Superlab from the TV show Breaking Bad! Builder Paul Trach packed an incredible amount of detail into this scene. My favorites include the utility sinks (made with cupboards turned on their backs) and the tiny barrels of phenylacetic acid made with¬†2×2¬†black round bricks and three yellow rubber bands (And yes, I imagine they are each stamped with tiny, little bee logos). Perhaps most impressive is the fact that Paul created a spot-on Walter White with just a simple yellow shirt, pants, and blue gloves (no fancy hazmat suit required).


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Buy your own Lego Breaking Bad Superlab Playset!

There are some places where LEGO won’t dare to go, and that’s where the fans fill in the gaps. Citizen Bricks released a Breaking Bad playset featuring their printed elements and exclusive minifigures. The cost is $250, but if you’re an addicted fan, how can you resist?

LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game parody

Ever wondered what it would look like if LEGO made a video game of Breaking Bad? Here’s what Brian Anderson came up with.