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LEGOmaniac for life, TR has never forgotten the joy that playing with LEGO brings. With three young sons it is just further reason to never stop playing. Typically a SPACE! builder, but has been known to dabble in TOWN! as well. Has to yet to try CASTLE! in any meaningful amount. So please feel free to check out his flickr account if you are up for some SPACE!, the occassional TOWN! and very little, if any CASTLE!

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Timmy the TFOL

Meet Timmy. He’s your average TFOL. He just finished building his first Vic Viper, and he can’t wait to post it online! Just imagine all the comments and faves his peers will heap upon him! Maybe, just maybe, his MOC will get featured on The Bloomers Brick. Then he will become famous like Namman B. and Legoballin’, and get even more comments and faves! And what could possibly be more important than comments and faves?

Don’t be like Timmy, there is more in life than comments and faves.

This public service announcement is brought to you by Jacob Unterreiner.


Andrew Lee shows us how ingenious parts usage is to be done. I certainly would have never looked at forks and hand-mixers and thought, “Self, I should build the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland!”


STG Fighter/Bomber

The Starfighter Telephone Game has been running for coming up on 4 years this March. With 4 rounds in the works, and a 5th in the planning stages there have been 48 fighters built by builders spread across the globe. The 48th fighter built is this glorious variant by Stijn (Red Spacecat). Typically as the game progresses the fighters get larger and larger. Stijn decided to try something different and started his team off with a rather large craft. The snails paced excitement of the game is always fun to watch, but seeing this fighter has got me really excited to see this round progress.

STG Fighter/Bomber

1980 BMW E21…wonderfully chibi

Considering this car is built on a 4×7 stud footprint and is still instantly recognizable is quite the feat. I am not even a huge car guy and I immediately knew what it was. But should we expect much else from Raphy Granas?

1980 BMW E21

Warrior Rat

Jonas (Legopard) says that this is a tablescrap constructed out of an assortment of LEGO bricks done at the Bricking Bavaria event. Impressive improvisation skills to say the least.

Warrior Rat

Vic Viper BP-5693

This ladies and gentlemen is a Vic Viper. Need I say more?

Vic Viper BP-5963

Well I suppose I should at least add that this masterpiece was built by Nate Decastro.

That is a proper job Nate!

Brickfête is on the road.

Janey Gunning asked if I could share some exciting news. Brickfête, Canada’s LEGO convention, is having a special fan festival in Montreal this month. Details below.

LEGO Fans from Québec (and surrounding areas)…

Do not miss Brickfête Montréal – a LEGO Fan Festival for the whole family!

An amazing, jaw dropping, outstanding custom LEGO display built by skilled and enthusiastic adult hobbyists.

These unique and detailed builds include…

LEGO Robots & Mindstorms Creations
City Layouts with powered Trains
Space, Star Wars & Scifi Creations
Art, Architecture & Design
Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Historical Buildings and Castles
Pirates, Steampunk and Vikings
Mosaics & Sculptures and more…

All made with millions of LEGO bricks… 2 days ONLY!!! November 23 & 24 from 10 am – 3 pm

For more information head on over to the event website (or click the logo above)

Thornbird by pasukaru76

This year’s NnoVVember seems to have rolled in with more discussion and politics than most years…and let’s be honest there always tends to be a fair amount of that anyway. But when you boil it down, this month is all about having fun and building some spaceships. And this my friends is a sexy example. Pascal is well known for the minimalist artistic style he puts into his builds, and that is exactly why I appreciate his work so much. Pascal continuously proves that you do not need an incredibly complex creation and abundant parts to create something unique, well designed and interesting.


His epic photographic skills certainly helps as well.

Happy building NnoVVemberites!

New TBB Cover Photos for October-November 2013

Cover photos have once again been updated on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

For Facebook I have chosen this shot by Stefan Schindler because not only was it beautifully composed, but well, it seemed fitting for NnoVVember.

VV MkV Cover Photo

For Twitter, this wonderful shot by Tobias Munzert is beautifully composed as well, and laid out perfectly for Twitter.

Lego Eiffel Tower

Continued thanks to those that are submitting images to the TBB Cover Photos flickr group. I have to say that I am appreciating the quality images that are being submitted.

The City & RG-400

I am sure Andrew can provide some translation as to what is actually going on in these cityscapes by 62778grenouille. But really I think the images can speak for themselves.




Absolutely Beautiful.

EDIT (AB): The photo description in Japanese just notes that the train is a mag-lev, and that the builder used LED light sticks from Ikea for the lighting effects.

Keepin’ it real for NnoVVember 2013 [Editorial]

The last stage of the sci-fi theme month trifecta is upon us. And NnoVVember is the original theme month. Started in 2008 by the late great Nate “nnenn” Nielson as a personal challenge to post a Vic Viper starfighter from the Gradius video game series for each day of the month. The challenge has continued each year since, and evolved into a yearly tribute to Nate since he passed away tragically in April of 2010.

Well this year is no different and we want to see everyone’s contribution to the monthly build challenge. However, after some discussion in the Vic Viper flickr group, we want to make sure that everyone brings their A-game. The whole premise of these theme months is to challenge people to build things that they otherwise may not have. But it appears that they are starting to become just an excuse to try and get your build on the final poster/map. Now don’t get me wrong, seeing people building, no matter the quality is great. But it does appear to be a trend in seeing submissions, that quite often by the builders own admission, are sub-par. People are rushing to either get as many builds as possible submitted, or scrambling at the last minute to get something added.

I saw this a lot during the Ma.Ktoberfest challenge, where people continuously posted builds and admitted that they didn’t really think they fit the theme and typically that they didn’t even fully understand what the theme was. I felt rather elitist when having to edit these submissions out, but at the end of the day, the information is out there. I know myself and the other organizers get a lot of satisfaction out of hosting these sorts of events, introducing people to a new theme and challenging them in their building. But if they are choosing to not look into the plethora of background information provided and/or interact within the group to learn from the active members, then that is no fault of my own. Rest assured that there is never a shortage of high quality builds, but I see this as somewhat of a slippery slope and I certainly don’t want the trend to continue and in turn discourage others from participating in the future.

So with all that being said, for this year’s NnoVVember let’s honour Nate’s memory the best way we can, let’s see Quality over Quantity Nate always gave us top quality builds, so we should do the same for him.

Pew-Pew Punkin’

Continuing with the Hallowe’en theme, Chris Maddison has just posted this neat little transforming pumpkinbot. I would love to have one of these sitting on my doorstep to blast those pesky little kids that run across the lawn instead of using the walkway!



Due to popular demand, Chris has recently posted the following instructions in case you want build your own pumpkinbot.

Build Your Own Pumpkinbot