Timmy the TFOL

Meet Timmy. He’s your average TFOL. He just finished building his first Vic Viper, and he can’t wait to post it online! Just imagine all the comments and faves his peers will heap upon him! Maybe, just maybe, his MOC will get featured on The Bloomers Brick. Then he will become famous like Namman B. and Legoballin’, and get even more comments and faves! And what could possibly be more important than comments and faves?

Don’t be like Timmy, there is more in life than comments and faves.

This public service announcement is brought to you by Jacob Unterreiner.

8 comments on “Timmy the TFOL

  1. LukeClarenceVan

    Alright kids, what’s the moral of this story?

    “Build a minifigure and make fun of ourselves and we’ll get blogged! Then we’ll get famous like Tomas and Goldmember! Yay!”


  2. 4estFeller

    ^I sure hope not!

    Honestly the thought of this getting blogged never even crossed my mind. I think I may have broken the record for “least effort put into a something blogged on TBB.” :P

  3. Deus

    I wonder how the TFOL community, with me still considering myself as one, like this. Not saying likes and faves are importaint, but this kind of behaviour is not only a TFOL characteristic.

    Try not generalizing TFOLs, hmm? Smells like AFOL elitism, yes.

  4. DanSiskind

    That mean-spirited tirade certainly wasn’t worth re-blogging on the BB. I expect better from you guys.

  5. Tromas Post author

    I don’t think any of this was mean spirited at all. Jacob said right in his post that he sees himself as a ‘Timmy’ sometimes. And if you read the comments on his photo as well, I think it is clear that everyone agrees that they have all been a ‘Timmy’ before, and it certainly isn’t something specific to teen fans.

    Did you notice how I didn’t say, “Don’t be a Timmy TFOL“, but instead said, “Don’t be a Timmy”…that was intentional.

    I am not shy about admitting that I deleted my first flickr account because of thinking too much like Timmy (and mentioned that in the comments on Jacob’s photo). I can guarantee that Jacob meant no offence by his photo/commentary, and I meant no offence by posting it here. It made me laugh, so I shared it on the blog, and I won’t apologize for doing so.

  6. 4estFeller

    Yeah, sorry if I offended anybody, but I assure you I had no mean intentions. Its a joke, making fun of myself as much as anyone. I assumed some people might not get it, but that really isn’t my fault. But I apologize anyway.

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