What Time Do You Build?

Nick V. (Brickthing) builds at 9 o’clock, if you judge by the stately grandfather clock in the corner of this room of inspiration. Meant to represent all the different places Nick draws inspiration, the room is packed full of references to online communities and fellow fans who focus Nick’s creativity. Look closely, and you’ll notice that even the landscape outside the window is brick-built – something on which it would be incredibly easy to take a shortcut.

Time to Construct - Builder's Study

4 comments on “What Time Do You Build?

  1. tkatt

    There are so many great things going on here. I registered to this site just to say so. I’d also like to know what that pearl gold piece that is part of the grandfather clock and microscope. I notice he uses it a lot and to great effect. I’ve never seen it before, and I’m very curoius about it.

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