Andrew Lee shows us how ingenious parts usage is to be done. I certainly would have never looked at forks and hand-mixers and thought, “Self, I should build the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland!”


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  1. Nicholas

    You may want to see my take on this character! It’s not as large and was a part of my retelling (IN LEGO) the story of ALICE IN WONDERLAND (dated September 11, 2011 2 years before the TV Show-I must be psychic), feel free to join MOCpages and please leave a comment. I loved this version and the use of both CARS parts (the face) and FRIENDS ( the forks as hands) I enjoy people that can think outside the box! I love the variety of mushrooms (please note mine -way before the LEGO ones) and ironically we both used the same globe for the hookah! I used a cotton ball for the smoke! GOOD MINDS think ALIKE!

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