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Star Wars bedroom craze

Even with Star Wars Day behind us, we’re still coming across many great Star Wars themed creations, and it looks like we might have a bedroom craze among AFOLs! We recently featured an X-wing themed bedroom but WingYew steps up the game and comes up with a two floor dream bedroom for the geekiest of us!

Star Wars Bedroom

Droid lamps, Snowspeeder curtains, AT-AT chair, X-Wing desk, Vulture Droid dressers, Millenium Falcon bed, and a Podracer workout bench are among the many details I could find at a glance. Even if you toss out all the Star Wars stuff, there are still many great touches. The window downstairs is simply amazing and take a look at the fluorescent ladder! I guess I will have to keep coming back and checking the closeup photos to find more amusing details in this build. The bedroom looks equally fantastic in day time too…

Star Ward Bedroom

Birth of the robot kind

If you grew up watching the Terminator series, you are very likely to fear that the human kind will be wiped out by robots in the future. Devid VII probably wants to disturb us deeply so he made a small scene depicting the birth of an intelligent robot and this exact moment will be the end of us!

Devid cared to write a brief background story for his creation in which he names this dreadful robot as General DR-ONE who shall command rest of the drones in the universe. This robot design was utilized in a prior work of Devid along with another rebel robot delivering weaponry to take over humans so shame on them!

The Creation

The workshop may look simple at the first sight but it includes a seemingly functional crane system, folding warehouse doors, a forklift, shelves, various machinery and a nice orange ladder along with some very busy people. If you pay attention to details, you will find many inspiring elements so go ahead and take a closer look!

Many will enter, few will leave

Brazilian builder Gilcelio Chagas wanted to find a use for those seemingly useless Mixel faces. And while torture is no laughing matter, he saw the funny side and came up with this entire scene featuring a group of Medieval torture chamber workers. But don’t find any comfort in their mischievous appearance, they are eager to break your bones, rip out your stomach, chop up your liver and feed you to the rats!

Torture Room

May the 4th be with you!

It’s that time of the year again, and we’ll be celebrating Star Wars day here on The Brothers Brick!

The first Star Wars film was released in 1977 but it wasn’t until 1979 that the pun “may the fourth be with you” was first used, and not until 2011 that this day became the unofficial fan celebration that we now know as Star Wars day. In order to commemorate this important day, builder David Hughes created a mosaic of the beloved Rey from Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

May the 4th be with you

The build required 1,400 LEGO bricks, covers an area of 63 x 77 cm (25 x 30 inches), and is based on an actual promotional photograph that you can also buy as life-size cardboard cutout. The limited choice of color palette does not have an adverse effect on such a large scale mosaic, although those eyes are maybe a little too crazed for me. Anyway, this is certainly the perfect day to unveil such a wonderful creation. May the fourth be with you all today!

War pig ready to roll

When you are building a vehicle in minifigure scale, it’s usually hard to achieve all the details. It takes a lot of planning and rebuilding to properly scale the original. Andrew Somers worked four long years to improve his initial attempt on an M1A3 Abrams tank. The result is a magnificent craftsmanship. Thick shield of the tank requires smooth surfaces with low angles and Andrew perfectly recaptures all the subtle slopes. A correct amount of greeble is accompanied with related accessories and a nice photography shows off the model. See it from the back if you want to be amazed by more details!

M1A3 Abrams

New Century Corner

Finnish AFOL Eero Okkonen created the most amazing street corner ever and we all love modular buildings at The Brothers Brick, especially when they have a distinct taste in architecture! So a mix of art-nouveau buildings inspired by the dream-like city of Prague definetely catches our eyes. Luckily, Eero went to further lengths to name each of the five houses, wrote brief explanations on building techniques and also provided some photographs of inspiring places. Read them all on his personal blog.

New Century Corner

Virtual reality on the verge

I always thought the digital world was sucking out our brains along with our souls. But I never imagined the process as vividly as Tremah has. This amazing creation foresees a dark future which may await us. You wouldn’t want your brain to be drained by these red cables, would you? So get a grip on reality and taste this plastic perfection!

Sensum Rift

A chinese street in Jakarta

We often see modular buildings with European architecture, but the world is a much bigger place and offers many other forms of beauty. Kosmas Santosa from Jakarta decided to take matters into his own hands and built three modular buildings with Indonesian/Chinese architecture. The diorama is comprised of a tea house, a pharmacy and a residential building which are all inspired by actual locations. Despite the fact that these inspiring buildings look ruined, Kosmas took a nostalgic step and reanimated the street as a lively place.

Indonesian Modular Building

You can find more detailed pictures on Kosmas’s own website. He built this diorama as part of a Bhinneka LUG display and even made a few trucks and carts to live up the scene.

The Mystery Shack

If you travel a lot, you get to see many amazing things. But sometimes you end up in a lousy place which sounded better on the internet than it really is in real life. The Mystery Shack is probably the worst form of a tourist trap — overcharged entry fees, irresponsible staff, sinister owner, supernatural occurrences, and occasional destruction of property. Makes you not want to visit Oregon ever again. Fortunately, The Mystery Shack is only an imaginary place in TV show Gravity Falls and this is a simple LEGO creation from talented builder soccersnyderi. So don’t be alarmed and take a look at the rest of the pictures.

The Mystery Shack

Ranger once again

We had previously featured a version of the Ranger 1 spacecraft from Interstellar movie but that’s no reason to skip another flawless model. Riskjockey worked hard and made four versions of Ranger 1 until coming up with a satisfying result. The end model is quite big at approximately 31.20 centimeters or 39 LEGO studs. Therefore he managed to squeeze in many play features including a rear hatch, airlock doors, opening cockpit, personalized minifigures and decorated interior with reclinable chairs! Check out the whole set for more details!

Ranger 1 front

Ranger 1 back

Resonance Cascade

It’s been almost a decade since we had our hands on a new Half-Life game. A generation missed out this amazing gameplay experience and many of us older ones began to forget how it all started. Fortunately Dorian Glacet stepped up to remind us how the Earth descended into chaos, with this digitally rendered LEGO diorama. Resonance Cascade was the single most important event in the original Half-Life video game, where the protagonist Gordon Freeman tears a rift between two worlds. Dorian perfectly captures this moment with LEGO bricks and we are left to suffer the Unforeseen Consequences…

Unforseen Consequences

A rather less scary terrarium

Terrariums are a big thing recently, but are not always suitable for the faint hearted. Imagine all those monstrous insects crawling out of their housing and eating your nose while you sleep. That’s definitely a no-go for me! Luckily soccersnyderi found a comforting way to own a terrarium without any risk of major heart attacks. Everything is much cuter in LEGO form, so this terrarium can host a beetle, two ants, a millipede, a butterfly, a ladybug, and a stick bug in your living room. I personally guarantee the safety of your nose!

Insect Terrarium