Star Wars bedroom craze

Even with Star Wars Day behind us, we’re still coming across many great Star Wars themed creations, and it looks like we might have a bedroom craze among AFOLs! We recently featured an X-wing themed bedroom but WingYew steps up the game and comes up with a two floor dream bedroom for the geekiest of us!

Star Wars Bedroom

Droid lamps, Snowspeeder curtains, AT-AT chair, X-Wing desk, Vulture Droid dressers, Millenium Falcon bed, and a Podracer workout bench are among the many details I could find at a glance. Even if you toss out all the Star Wars stuff, there are still many great touches. The window downstairs is simply amazing and take a look at the fluorescent ladder! I guess I will have to keep coming back and checking the closeup photos to find more amusing details in this build. The bedroom looks equally fantastic in day time too…

Star Ward Bedroom