TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for October 21, 2018 [News]

Catch up on the LEGO news of the week with our Weekly Brick Report.

That Technic light-bulb moment

Shedding light on Alexis Dos Santos’s brilliant Technic lamp.

Thinking outside the element

It’s time to get medieval and kick some grass! Emil Lidé shows us how the minifig plume can be used in LEGO landscaping.

Another dinosaur comes back to life in this kinetic sculpture

Come check out this stomping Allosaurus created by LEGO artist, Cornbuilder.

Great deals on LEGO Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts sets on Amazon (US)

There are a few LEGO Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts deals on Amazon right now that are a steal if you haven’t already got them. Here’s your chance to grab them before they’re gone.

An epic battle on a teeny tiny scale

This microscale castle with battling dragons by Lubeee is lovely! Click to read more!

Pandora’s changed... are you ready?

Sam Beattie shares a behind-the-scenes look at how he created these awesome LEGO versions of characters from Borderlands 2.

Ninjago City collaborative display at BrickCon 2018

TBB readers from all over the country came together to build Ninjago City at BrickCon 2018. Here’s the awesome result.

Who drove it best? Lamborghini Aventador or Toyota Prius

A pair of LEGO automobile all-stars hit the street again with Prius and Aventador models. Jonathan Elliott and hachiroku are back with rubber-burning minifig-scale cars!

Cute kraken is cracking me up

Check out the wonderful parts usage on Kelvin Low’s sinister LEGO Kraken

Mechanical master of the arena

Choose your fighter! But it better be able to stand against this intimidating Mk16-Gladiator by Mitsuru Nikaido!

The escape of the Gringott’s dragon

Check out one of our favorite submissions from our recent Microscale Magic! Contest, a replica of Gringott’s Bank and the Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon.