Super-cute super brothers superbly put together

Stephen Chao goes in pursuit of stars with LEGO versions of Mario, Luigi, and Toad

LEGO reveals 21318 Ideas Treehouse, featuring 3,000 pieces and foliage for 2 seasons [News]

Today LEGO is officially taking the wraps off the latest set originating from its crowd-sourcing platform, LEGO Ideas. 21318 Treehouse is the largest Ideas set yet, with a whopping 3,036 pieces. It stands more than 14 inches tall and features leaves in two colors to build either summer or fall versions. First announced last fall, Continue reading →

LEGO Ideas 21318 Treehouse unleashes your childhood dreams [Review]

LEGO just announced the largest LEGO Ideas set to date, 21318 Treehouse, with over 3,000 pieces. Here’s our hands-on review!

A Road King crowned with chrome

Gleaming chrome highlights the awesomeness of Bricksonwheels’ Harley Davidson Road King Lowrider. This 1:10 scale LEGO masterpiece uses custom chromed elements to create a slick looking bike.

You have 20 nanoseconds to comply

There’s nowhere in space you can hide from Tim Goddard’s fearsome police mech

Scouting forward into landscapes of unknown terrain

Atomically fueled, Kobalt’s latest creation crawls its way towards new and unknown terrain

Kinetic LEGO sculpture of the Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story [Video]

Jason Alleman wants to take you soaring through a Neverending Story on the back of this fabulous moving Luck Dragon

A LEGO philosopher’s dream

Brush up on your ancient philosophers, as well as your Renaissance paintings, with this recreation of Raphael’s “School of Athens” by Pau Padrós.

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for July 21, 2019 [News]

In this week’s Brick Report, Toys ‘R’ Us announces its return to the U.S., the latest Jurassic World sets are reviewed and more!

The six-legged paleontologist

Explore unknown worlds with Blair Archer’s Classic Space mech. You never know what you might find buried in the planet surface.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the gelato

Enjoy a frozen Italian treat at this charming LEGO gelato shop built by Sebastian-Z.

Alpha squadron, do you read me? You bet I do.

Dad and son duo Dave Kaleta and Elliot take off into space with their ongoing series of Alphabet starfighters