Thanksgiving and NoVVember- two great times for leftovers!

Wami Delthorne’s Vic Viper may have missed the popular month but it was more than worth the wait!

Capturing the queen in Novvember

We’re less than a week into Novvember and already flickr is awash with vic vipers. David Roberts has started the event off strong with this stunning viper. It’s packed full of interesting details while still maintaining an overall clean appearance. But the real standout features of this build are the dramatic blue and yellow checkerboard-patterned tail Continue reading →

Keepin’ it real for NnoVVember 2013 [Editorial]

The last stage of the sci-fi theme month trifecta is upon us. And NnoVVember is the original theme month. Started in 2008 by the late great Nate “nnenn” Nielson as a personal challenge to post a Vic Viper starfighter from the Gradius video game series for each day of the month. The challenge has continued Continue reading →

2012 NnoVVember Map

Once again Pascal (pasukaru76) worked his magic with the final Nnovvember map. This year was a very impressive turnout of 269 Vic Vipers by 133 different builders! I actually found it hard to keep up with all the amazing creations this year…I am still playing catch up in fact. Awesome job everyone and as usual Continue reading →

Novvember 2012 is upon us – prepare for Vic Vipers!

Just a quick reminder that NoVVember 2012 is now upon is. Help celebrate the late nnenn’s love of the Gradius Vic Viper by building your own (or more!). Post your entries here and Pascal (pasukaru76) will perform his magic at the end of the month. Keep an eye out for further updates once the East Continue reading →

Novvember 2011 Vic Viper map

Novvember is the month of the Vic Viper, and the tradition lives even stronger than the previous year. Here is the fighter map by Pascal of the 255 Vic Vipers by 135 builders.

Novvember Vic Viper starfighter map

Even after the passing of Nate Nielson, Novvember still remained the month of the Vic Viper. This is evidenced by the 193 Vic Vipers from 88 builders shown in this starfighter map created by Pascal (pasukaru76). You can visit the Vic Vipers group on Flickr to see all these starfighters in detail.

The best of nnenn: Novvember

If I had to choose only one legacy to remember nnenn by, it would have to be Novvember. Novvember is the month of the Vic Viper, and surely no one can forget nnenn’s daily debut of a new VV in November 2008. When I interviewed nnenn on this project, I began to appreciate the beauty Continue reading →

Interview with Nnenn on Novvember [Interview]

During November, Nnenn ambitiously set out to present a new variation of the Vic Viper each day of the month. While the LEGO fan community on Flickr has known Nnenn to be one of the most prolific builders, no one has ever seen a builder post one new medium-sized LEGO creation for each day of Continue reading →

The Rusty Saber swoops into NoVVember

Tyler Clites (Legohaulic) joins the Vic Viper “NoVVember” fun with his Rusty Saber: The cockpit has an arthropod-like look to it, and it’s definitely my favorite part.

NoVVember starts early when it’s Vic Viper month

Two-pronged starfighters are my favorite sort. NoVVember is already off to a good start with lots of great entries in the Vic Viper pool. Let’s get this roundup started with Ronin VV by Fredo Houben (Fredoichi): I can’t stop staring at the nose on Kuzma’s Mother, a chunky entry by Horace Cheng (Squinty Eyes): Lukas Continue reading →


Nnenn and Peter Morris present a challenge for those of you that love Gradius and LEGO, or who just like pointy two pronged starships. To quote them: Novvember is Vic Viper month! nnenn and peterlmorris invite you to try your hand at building a MOC based on the classic starfighter from the Gradius series of Continue reading →