NoVVember starts early when it’s Vic Viper month

Two-pronged starfighters are my favorite sort. NoVVember is already off to a good start with lots of great entries in the Vic Viper pool.

Let’s get this roundup started with Ronin VV by Fredo Houben (Fredoichi):

I can’t stop staring at the nose on Kuzma’s Mother, a chunky entry by Horace Cheng (Squinty Eyes):

Lukas goes skinnier with Soleil L4 Atmospheric:

Check out the Vic Vipers pool on Flickr.

5 comments on “NoVVember starts early when it’s Vic Viper month

  1. Peter

    I wondered why we suddenly had a spike in new members. Thanks TBB!

    And I think what Patrick meant to say was that the JSF from Ep III looks like a Vic Viper. ;)

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