Greebtacular Exo Suit

Peter Reid‘s Exo Suit is the latest smash hit in his Neo Classic-Space genre. It doesn’t take any pointers for one to see how ingeniously awesome this is. When it comes down to details on your next mechanical biped, Peter is the man to dish out the greebs.

14 comments on “Greebtacular Exo Suit

  1. EGS

    seems to be a trend to make these headless torso bots. this one i like, some don’t look so impressive without heads though.

  2. ToyNthusiast

    Absolutely incredible. The whole series is top notch. LEGO aught to be commissioning creative people like Peter Reid. Would help to revitalize the whole LEGO genre. At least commission instructions.

  3. Mark Kelso

    This is a beautiful example of Peter’s ability to poor tons of detail into a creation while keeping the form. I’ve seen a lot of MOC’s that use just as much greeb work, but they look over-done or too busy. He always strikes a great balance, and this is a perfect example! Nice job!!

  4. Leonardo

    Amazing quality and stunning level of detail.

    I disagree with EGS’s early comment about the lack of a head. A head seems to symbolize intelligence, but in this case the exo-suit is being controlled by the minifig, so the minifig sort of replaces the head.

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