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Mazingering into NoVVember

The twin-forked Vic Vipers are back, and Shannon Sproule joins this year’s November fleet with an amazing Mazinger-inspired craft. The bold color choices make for a great retro feel, but the real treat is that golden canopy – a custom part created by using a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen on the existing LEGO element. There’s also the subtle choice to use “classic grey” 2×2 round brick in the front forks as a color variation. What a great mix of the old and new!

NoVVember Doku No Uta (Poison Song) Viper

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An Iron Castle Smashing Mountains

Devid VII brings to life one of Japans highest-rated anime series of all time with his outstanding micro-scale rendition of Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z in America). Mazin Go! Mazin Go! Mazingaa Z!

Mazinger Z