Martini Racing VW Van by Malte Dorowski

It’s no surprise that Malte Dorowski’s most recent vehicles are gorgeous, but the added accessories and matching colors make this set of vehicles even more outstanding. The stunning Porsche 935 Malte built back in March, but he’s now paired it with a Volkswagon van, accessories, and a crew. This is an excellent use of the Continue reading →

Fantastic Porsche 917 Model by Malte Dorowski

The Porsche 917’s sweeping curves and smooth shape make it particularly challenging to translate into Lego, but Malte Dorowski has managed to accomplish it quite admirably, using some clever techniques and a great deal of skill. He has even managed to work in an opening engine compartment and functioning doors, and his presentation does his Continue reading →

2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR by Malte Dorowski

We’ve featured a gorgeously curved Porsche 935/78 by Malte Dorowski here before, but Malte is a talented car builder whose LEGO models extend well beyond that one iconic German automaker. That said, I have a soft spot for Porsches, so here’s another great one — the new 911 GT3 RSR. Also, lime is always awesome, Continue reading →

Porsche 935/78 “Moby Dick” by Malte Dorowski

This Porsche 935 by Malte Dorowski has great curved striping I haven’t seen attempted before with such precision. The Porsche 935/78 had a long tail to reduce drag, and was painted white, earning it the nickname “Moby Dick.” Malte’s version includes a detailed interior and looks great alongside his 911: Thanks to Henrik Hoexbroe for Continue reading →

Holy oozing eyecatcher, Batman!

Is it an official LEGO image or is it a Pascal Hetzel? (@pascalhetzel)

An old bomber, a new paint job

Check out a new take on the Clone Wars-era Y-wing bomber from LEGO builder simon-wild.

This glorious microscale build portrays some famous Belgian landmarks

Ben Vijle (@belgianbricks) has created this wonderful diorama of an area of the city centre in Belgium.

LEGO Marvel Eternals 76145, 76154, 76155, and 76156 – All the Eternals movie sets in one big lump, just how you like ’em. [Review]

The LEGO Marvel Eternals sets are on their way, and we’ve taken a close look at all of them. Come along for a summary of the highs and lows from this four-set theme at! (Review products provided by LEGO)

Springtime in Weydale Valley

Kevin Wu (@kev.thebuilder) gives us a taste of springtime in Weydale Valley and we’re all rather smitten by the charm of it all.

This rover has got us pumped.

We’re not just blowing hot air when we say this rover by lokiloki29 (@loki_loki_29) is on another level.

The Era of the new Castle Bros has begun....

After beating out the former Castle Bros for their title, Caleb Schilling (@cheeseystudios) knew he had to build more castles sooner or later. Feeling the pressure, and inspired by his victorious model, he brings us this castle and intact bridge hosting the Joust of Sir Bob and Sir Leon.

LEGO 40499 Santa’s Sleigh – Santa Claus is coming to town [Review]

Gather up the reindeer and load the sleigh! Santa Claus is coming to town in the new LEGO 40499 Santa’s Sleigh set.