It’s called a flitterfly

In some of his recent creations, Mark Stafford shows us the creative value of some Bionicle parts. If it weren’t for this science fantasy flyer, I’d never have known those Bionicle wings to exist. Mark calls this the Flitterfly; I wonder what kind of sound it makes.

When you see a serpent

Faëbricks captures that frantic moment when a sea serpent comes to take a gander at your peaceful village’s dock.

Why did the chicken walker cross the road?

It might have taken GolPlaysWithLego four and a half versions over many years to get the perfect AT-ST, but this just might be it.

This bowed ship cuts through space like an arrow

Check out this beautiful spaceship sporting a compound bow aesthetic by -soccerkid6.

LEGO Ideas reveals 21337 Table Football, a 2,300-piece playable game table [News]

LEGO Ideas just revealed this fully functional Foosball table that’s also a minifigure pack, with over 40 heads and hairpieces to customize your own team however you want!

The Hells Angels set the stage in this massive moving WWI diorama

Douglas Hughes puts on an impressive stage show with this moving WWI diorama

A flying purple people eater

This dragon rider by Dan Ko will have you wishing you could take a turn riding through the sky.

A delicious drumstick tower

Ben Spector is hiding food in their castle builds.

An Ewok Village redo and redemption

Simulterious regrets wrecking their old Ewok Village set but makes the world right again with this new redo.

Sail towards the kings and queens of the butterfly collectors

Gayle Spiller has pinned her colours – and her butterflies – to the mast with this surreal sailboat!

This LEGO parade really floats our boat!

Microscale set imitations not doing it for you? How about putting them on parade as Big Easy Bricks has done!

It’s Hammertime for this Mech

Here, Moko brings us another offering of his Animal LEGO Mech collection, this time with the Hammerhead Shark kitted out and ready to deliver the Hammer blow!